Ammo swift bow

79 arrows ? Why not 99 . Its already hard to find ammunition

Because were going to get another thread from a casual player complaining about a class designed to be ranged oriented complaining about your ranged weapon being to effective at killing more rats then them while they never set foot on any difficulty higher then Veteran.


So first of all watch out who you call casual. I played every mission on vermintide on nigthmare alone.
Second its already hard for me as support to back up people like you who just run mindles around leaving the group because you think you something special.

No one called you a casual, maybe read that post again before you get insulted over nothing.

And i don’t give a damn about how many kills i make. for me the most important thing is to keep the group safe.

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on the other hand we had the “Mega pro git gut scrubs” elitists complain about everyhwere being too much ammo and health items

Honestly I think calling people playing Vermintide casual is a bit silly. This is not a very casual game. It’s a very difficult and punishing game. This is like the opposite of the casual demographic lol.

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Because were going to get another thread from a casual player…
Idk mabye you read again you post.

Have you kept up with any of the changes taken place between Beta and Live and the threads on the forum? If you have then you would understand what I meant by that.

Please show me again where in my post I specifically called “you” a casual player before you try to get insulted over nothing.

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79 arrow is not nice, but still duable. Now look at hangbane ammo and tell me what you think? Hangbane is useless or?

The hole ammo nerfe was to much in my opinion. There should be better options.

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What he said Metaljack… in a way that was a bit hard to understand… was that if they give you back 99 arrows, we are gonna have posts from casual players complaining about a class designed to do ranged damage, having ranged damage benefits, and being more effective at killing rats than they are. All the while they never set foot out of an difficulty higher than veteran.

Essentially… they nerfed it to 79 because a lot of bad players with little understanding of the game were complaining about how the elf was too strong. Nevermind that the elf is nowhere near the strongest class in higher difficulties… nevermind that the stat board (which all their arguments were based upon) was flawed, bugged, inaccurate, and unimportant.

SO…why 79 arrows? Because it is a small change that wont make a huge impact on the gameplay of the elf, but it is something that a bunch of mouth breathing idiots can see and be comforted that they have a better chance at getting a green circle in damage while they slog away on recruit, slamming their face into their keyboard and talking about how amazing they are at this game.

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Do you also think that the elf is weak at champion?

I found the elf good as an in between class. Sure there are classes, which do more aoe and other classes, which deal more single tatrget damage, but the elf could somehow do a little bit at both. Still the elf was not as strong as the specialized classes.

unfortunately not. there’s already a thread complaining that sienna and waystalker still shoot too much… even though shooting stuff with fire was siennas whole gimmick in V1, and if your team protected you enough you could pretty much fulltime staff with no real problem.

79 arrows is still a LOT of arrows. Mix that with arrow regen and go melee on the smaller/easy packs, you will NEVER be out of arrows.

Even as huntsman you can get 3 ammo for each headshot (if you pick that trait). And that is a LOT of ammo if you can aim at the heads.

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which only works if you’re below 50% hp…

he can also benefit from this at full hp, making his ammo talent objectively better by far. (not saying it should be nerfed… they already nerfed everything so hard that everything feels lackluster)

in theory, a career that specializes in ranged should be able to have the means to do so… having 5 shots for example kinda defeats the purpose of the career.

trueflight ammo restore alongside crit or headshot restore has been plenty so far. it’s really not a big deal

Who need arrows when you have Handmaiden at your side.

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Ok . Thanks for explainig it again.
And yes you are right the elf is not powerful. And im totaly ok with that. Its only here to support.

I have ammo regen. I waitet for 5 minutes and did not get 1 arrow.

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