Elf needs a nerf

Moonfire is the worst with no comparison to be made, go find something else in the game that completely wrecks the balance without getting carried by a career passive/multiple talents and your weapon trait being pre selected.

And all other crit guarantee talents with the single exception of BH’s blessed shot which is a career passive remove the ability to get random crits. This should also apply to Morai Heg Doomsight because not only does it give you a lot more crits than basically anyone but Leading Shots Engineer it doesn’t block tons of random ones from occurring on top of that. Pretty basic balance concept that was missed because of the elf boner.

But since random crits being gone is not popular they should curtail the ability by removing the stacks entirely. Just make the Elf have an increased crit chance for x seconds after someone uses an ult. Less broken and much less of a no brainer with no ability to stash huge numbers of crits.

If you want to laugh very hard just compare Javelins to Throwing axes.

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I want to hit other topics, but I think this one is the most important. Moon & SoTT are so crazy overpowered that the other areas won’t get noticed until those 2 are hammered into some semblance of normality.

Are other items in the game OP? Yes. But I believe these two items are so outside the curve the other stuff won’t get noticed. So singling out the elf in a subject heading is probably the most direct way to make progress.

I do personally think Javs should be included, but baby steps is fine with me, as long as they get taken, which seems highly unlikely, given the lack of communication on the topic.


Better damage than the mace and sword, better armor damage than the mace and sword, better range than the mace and sword, better defense/push than the mace and sword. Mace and sword is probably a cut above most his weapons with spear and bret sword, and spear & shield is straight up better in most areas.

Oh, and the special attack is very useful as well. It’s easy to headshot that one enemy behind the line with it.

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It might hit harder per strike but it does not output as much DPS as mace and sword, i´d suspect that it´s also slower and less mobile.


10 % dodge distance advantage for m&s. (5 vs 15 %)

you realise with mace and sword you’re hitting twice with each heavy right?

stamina and push/block angle I guess but otherwise no.


Elf is so OP the perception of how OP she is is op. We need to nerf her op op so the other heroes can be hated equally for being op.

I wonder what the OP thinks about all this.


Yes he can! His shots don’t do AoE damage though.

BH gets one ranged crit per 10(6) seconds. SoTT gets on average 3-5. Frankly can’t think of anyone else.
Well, those override talens (one out of 5 strikes is a crit) just don’t count cause they are garbo.

I’m not exactly against that talent tho’
The thing is I have crit chance on all the gear you can have it - so if I choose to change it for one career I have to get separate red pieces for other careers and calculate what other stat to put instead of crit %. And that’s too much trouble, calculation and overall time wasted not killing rats. I love theorycrafting as much as the next nerdy guy - the problem of theorycraftng in V2 is that you need a BA in maths to figure out all those graphs and blockcharts and breakpoints.
So to hell with that crit talent.

I agree. Free crits is free health, free kills, foregoing the necessity to go for the head.

TA can outdamage J in one example: take the bonus headshot ammo trait and go light throwing your way to victory. Just don’t miss.

Frankly I’m with the guy on this one. Mace and sword have those weird attack angles and they can’t do anything with armour - so shield is my personal favourite on SM and FK.

Well, they are tied to abilities. Shade gets guaranteed crits for 4 seconds on CoM, WHC gets guaranteed crits on Fervency, BH has one as you mentioned. Then you have careers like Pyro or HM that can crank up the crit chance consistently to very nigh numbers with specific builds. Of course they’re not at SoTT level of borkedness, but it’s not entirely uncommon to have builds with very high crit frequency on other careers.

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that’s…profoundly incorrect? it’s pretty easy to headshot with; your dps is comparable to bret sword if you’re landing headshots consistently. It’s really only iffy on chaos warriors where the shoulder hitboxes can get in the way sometimes


Hey cut them some slack Fatshark seemingly didn’t realise either.


Well, then let’s agree to disagree. I’ve given my experience with those weapons. The closest I was to using it was Mace&shield on Ranger - but I just dumped it for greataxe, which has less control but a ton more damage and predictable movesets.
Your position just gives me an impression that you can master any weapon and make it work.

Shade looses her one big hit and survivability from extra stealth talent.
WHC’s Fervency shafts your whole team, oh you also looses 40% cooldown.
Pyro pays for extra crit chance with running at 80%+ heat all the times.
HM’s crit talents in my opinion are less favorable too.

SoTT just gets free crits. Not only that she gets free crits when teammates use Ults. I’ve finished Hunger in the Dark just today with 25 extra crits after slaughtering that poor troll.
Just remove the crits or make SoTT regular strikes so weak that she absolutely needs those crits to kill stuff.
I mean, what makes me the most indignant is the description of the career. Support my furry rat a$$.

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It sounds like you are talking about those weapons individually(aka 1h sword, and 1h mace) when that was not the crux of the argument.

It’s actually the other way around. CoM+Vanish was a huge DPS boost to shade and it completely trivialized the game since you could remain in a quasi-permanent invis state. Granted I haven’t played shade at all since the latest patch, but I imagine there’s a reason why the change was made and why she got more or less community-banned from events for that specific build.

Is it really a shaft when he gets guaranteed crits that insta-kill on headshots? Ever seen a WHC do the window-wiper maneuver with the rapier in front of a skaven patrol and they all just flop dead?

Which is trivial to do. You can just chuck projectiles at the sky when needed. And it’s not like you can’t vent if you absolutely have to cast at something. Once you crank the difficulty high enough and you are always surrounded by enemies, you’ll always have a pool of temp health to use as mana.

Not really.Her most aggressive build relies on stacking crit chance and attack speed via her dash, her dodges and push-attacks which are highly convenient on plenty of her weapons. This adds up to much more killing power than wraith walk with invis or bleed, which are her other dash options. I don’t know why you’d choose the latter outside of memery, when the former can solve all of your problems in this game in a comfortable way.

In the previous post I didn’t mention huntsman simply because I forgot as I don’t play him at all anymore. But iirc he can also boost his crit chance dramatically through headshots. Obviously Merc & Zealot have their own talents which guarantee crits, and while they may look underwhelming on paper, I’ve seen them put to use in very creative ways. Had a Helborg’s Tutelage Merc with a bretsword and a bb get to almost 100K damage in a twins run once.

Not all of the above are necessarily overpowered, but my point remains that crits are a fundamental aspect of the game and some careers have a significantly easier time than others to gain access to them. I don’t see Doomsight as a problem in and of itself. I just think it should be capped so it doesn’t rocket to infinity while the elf is sleeping.


that has nothing to do with mace & sword though???


I only know the basics of most of krubs weapons, M&S included, but i do not find it hard to headshot with those either for anything but CW´s.

I´ve never heard anyone say that they are particularly bad for armor either…instead i’ve been told they are actually on the overpowered side of things.

Mastering every weapon in this game is very much a possibility. Making them work given any situation can be difficult but one weapon’s weakness may be covered by another’s strength.



“I don’t think moonbow is very good, it can’t do anything vs armour and kills specials worse than other bows. the closest I’ve come to using it was using swiftbow at night time, and I just moved on to longbow because it fires less arrows but does more damage”.


Sorry, lost track of this convo.

I like mace & sword. It’s very strong; OP cpmpared to the non-DLC weapons. It has a nice attack pattern and a good answer to most situations.

I picked up spear and shield, and instantly did better than ever, and continued to improve over several games. It’s really easy mode to me, to the point that I went back to harder weapons so I could practice my base skills more.

I’m surprised others don’t see this, but it’s fine. I’ll keep my OP weapon to myself. :slight_smile:

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