Early july premium hats

Was the shipment intercepted by rats?
I don’t really mind the delay, but the lack of information is a tiny bit frustrating.


Sadly so. The hats just missed the July vacation block. We hoped we could squeeze them out but it just didn’t happen. Sorry for that.


Cursed vermin!

Thanks for the quick reply.


That’s what you get for not protecting the Emporium supply caravans, Lohner!


This month? Or is still vacation time?

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Are they still in the making or are the red hats for ~1500 to 2000 Schillings those premium hats?
I mean, it’s almost 2 months ago, maybe i missed smth.

I don’t think so.

After the missed deadline I figured they would get them out asap. At this point it feels more like they’re being held back to release alongside something else.

Or Lohner was unable to reclaim the shipment from the devious rat-men and they are now lost forever in the Under-Empire.

Yea, but even then I would have expected them sooner. Especially since it has been said that we get multiple additions over the course of Season 3.

@Fatshark_Hedge: But seriously, can we get some minor Information on this? I won’t ask when they will be released because I know that deadlines makes things annoying (although we are well over two months of the initial planning). But could we get the reason for the hold-up? I mean we are talking about paid cosmetics too, so this is also a auestion of finance for you. So I assume there to be a good reason for not asking for our money.

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