Early july premium hats

Was the shipment intercepted by rats?
I don’t really mind the delay, but the lack of information is a tiny bit frustrating.


Sadly so. The hats just missed the July vacation block. We hoped we could squeeze them out but it just didn’t happen. Sorry for that.


Cursed vermin!

Thanks for the quick reply.


That’s what you get for not protecting the Emporium supply caravans, Lohner!


This month? Or is still vacation time?

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Are they still in the making or are the red hats for ~1500 to 2000 Schillings those premium hats?
I mean, it’s almost 2 months ago, maybe i missed smth.

I don’t think so.

After the missed deadline I figured they would get them out asap. At this point it feels more like they’re being held back to release alongside something else.

Or Lohner was unable to reclaim the shipment from the devious rat-men and they are now lost forever in the Under-Empire.

Yea, but even then I would have expected them sooner. Especially since it has been said that we get multiple additions over the course of Season 3.

@Fatshark_Hedge: But seriously, can we get some minor Information on this? I won’t ask when they will be released because I know that deadlines makes things annoying (although we are well over two months of the initial planning). But could we get the reason for the hold-up? I mean we are talking about paid cosmetics too, so this is also a auestion of finance for you. So I assume there to be a good reason for not asking for our money.


@Fatshark_Hedge This thread is starting to attract necromancers.
Did your spies ever find out what happened to the hats?

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Undergoing intense cleaning after the skaven&rotbloods used them as containers for their newly launched aged cheese production cooperation.
Not even Bardin could bear the stench.

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Send me next time.

I’m a professional caravan guard :laughing:

Also Saltzpyre because he’s a Steam Tank when he’s drunk!

I’ll chase it up. Totally slipped my mind. Been heck busy with Darkthings!


Will you be community manager for Darktide stuff too?

I vote yes.


So we’re looking at not having hats clutter up the traditional DLC slot(s) in Steam, which is taking a bit of time to sort out.


Hm, interesting. I understand the sentiment, especially if they increase in future. How do you plan to do this. The customer needs some kind of ownership proof.

You intend to use the community market (not tradeable, not marketable items)? May cause issues concerning buying options. Or are there other ways not known to the common? But I guess, for know it is “We will get back to it as soon as we know more.”

I don’t know if it’s possible but you could do what a lot of the bigger gaming companies do to reduce DLC clutter on Steam.

Fatshark would have to set up a Create Account feature on the Vermintide website where players can set up their billing information and link their game to it.

With the account linked to the game, players would be able to purchase items while in game using the information from their Vermintide 2 account.

Below is the ESO account summary. You can see how ZoS set up their information in a nice neat box.

Now, because ESO is a huge game with lots of players, ZoS uses the Crown currency for in-game purchases for safety reasons. You can buy them through your ESO account, Xbox/PS4 store, or through Steam.

If you look at ESO Steam page, you only see 3 DLC packs but that game has a lot more than 3 DLC packages!

I don’t know if that’s something you can do or if it’s something the community even wants. I will say that when I did play ESO, buying crowns through Steam was easy and made purchasing cosmetics in-game a breeze.

Plus ZoS gives Steam permission to put the Crowns on sale twice a year.

Idk if you would have to create a new currency for it to work or if you could just set it up to where we can use our payment method in game through our V2 account or PayPal or whatever. I’m not good at technology.

It’s just an idea.

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If you scroll down a couple entries it looks like they added one to test

Would love to unlock them through such a mission when they arrive. E.g. Lohner sent us to rescue people from an attacked caravan and salvage whats left.

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And it got removed again. Not sure what this is telling us. Could be a failed experiment. Could be a succesful experiment and removal of the no-longer needed test item.

Also, if you open the https-link for the test item you will get a secret spoiler for Zealot Gangsta Hood :stuck_out_tongue:

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