Premium Hats bundle

So this is kind of a throwback to my question from January:

Is there any update on this, for a ,complete your set’ bundle deal for the cosmetics (or all V2 content in general)? Would really go far in terms of customer service if it got implemented.
I still haven’t bought that glorious pig in expectation of a bundle (well, after you said you’ll look into it). This kind of deal already exists for V1, too. Or is it tied to having all possible content released before such a bundle can be offered?

They are still making more paid cosmetics, so I wouldn’t expect to see a bundle for all the cosmetics any time soon.

This type of ‘complete your set’ bundle should not be uneditable. Or so i think. An aswer from the forces who know would be better. :grin:

Off topic but I want a hat that is a loot die strapped to Krubers head.
It will be called Ranalds Helmet.

I also want a hat for Bardin that is a sack rats sack done up like one of those cool Rastafari hats.