Purchase Issue Steam

Not sure where to post so dropped the link here. Can some take a look? Please.

Note: I am Kusa in the discussion, I am not the one having the issue.

Thank you.

In order to meet the requirements for average price per item in a bundle, we had to temporarily increase the individual item prices in some regions to meet the bundle requirements (still yields a decent discount, if a little less than it would have been at the normal prices). This seemed to satisfy the individual bundles in the affected regions, but I think the deeper discount applied by the complete bundle causes this requirement not to be met in Russia, Mexico and Turkey I believe. Why it dissappeared? I couldn’t say, by all accounts it shouldn’t have been live in the first place.

We’re figuring this out for the future, we weren’t aware of this restriction going in to this event. Unfortunately it’s too late to see a revised price approved in time for the end of the event, so sadly we cant offer the complete bundle in this regions I mentioned above. The items are still available at slightly less of a discount in their individual bundles, however.

Thank you for resolving. They are very happy. Quote pasted below.

Love the game. Keep up the good work.

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