Can't buy warrior priest cosmetic upgrade

I cant buy this dlc, it doesn’t apear in the content bundle and in my wish list it has no price.

Already have a lot of cosmetic bundles, but cant seem to buy this one.

I’m from argentina if it matters

It’s also been like this for quite a few months. Even after a sale, can’t seem to buy it at all.

You might have to “buy” the full warrior priest bundle, Steam will detect you already have the warrior priest and then charge you the difference for what you don’t have.

You need to buy the bundle. You cannot buy the cosmetic upgrade separately.
It’s stupid as hell.

Can you please try purchasing it via the bundle as mentioned above. If this doesn’t work still, then there may be a Steam price threshold issue that we’ll need to look at. Please let me know :slight_smile:

Eh, I don’t want to buy the sister of thorns skins too to be able to buy the warrior priest bundle lol.

Just want to buy the warrior priest skins

Which honestly doesn’t make any sense.
I can buy the career again, for like, almost nothing but can’t buy the skins lol

What FatsharkLev meant is that you need to find the Warrior Priest bundle (which ONLY contains the base career and the cosmetic bits) and purchase that, if you can.

However, if you cannot see the Warrior Priest bundle, then it is possible that this is caused by the current sale and your local currency. There is an issue caused by Steam, whereas the price of a bundle can get too low for some currencies/regional prices when on sale and Steam itself prevents the bundle from being purchaseable.

I’m afraid that if the bundle flat out does not show up for you, you’ll have to wait until the sale is over to be able to purchase it.

Here’s a link to the bundle in question: Save 62% on Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Warrior Priest Bundle on Steam

I cannot get over how a few cosmetics are more expensive than the actual career itself.
Becomes even worse when you compare it to the other DLC careers for Kerillian, Kruber and Bardin cause you don’t even get the cosmetics you pay for… only the privilege to unlocking the cosmetics via challenges. It’s an extremely scummy thing to do.

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