Inventory changes/additions with future patch

Hello. @Aqshy
I was wondering if I can ask about the status of the inventory change (the one which will allow more space). It was delayed once already, and I’d be very happy to be able to open chests/craft again.
Speaking of inventory, are there any plans to add new shilling items to Lohner’s Emporium?

More specifically I’m wondering if fashiontide will ever touch the premium careers, and if you don’t mind me getting very specific, if we could get a Grail Knight headgear which would show his face (besides the shark hat). Sifting through Bretonnia’s codex I can see some GKs going to battle without a helmet, or just a headband. Theodoric of Brionne and king Louen also had helmets which left the face visible.
I’d like that because of his unique shaven look, and so he’d feel more Kruber to me. :wink: