Early july premium hats

i dont know why this thread has been brought up again, but some new permium hats would be awesome, what ever happened to that shaman looking one that they showed off in steam news

@Fatshark_Hedge This is what you are looking for : https://store.steampowered.com/app/290340/Armello/

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Do we have some news here? Somehow important for me is if by the cosmetics can still be gifted by the new distribution method.


Steam Cards go up to 16, not sure exactly but these look like DLC cosmetics starting at 17

4.1.1 cosmetic changes


I wish there was a dislike button.


This looks like the best solution, aye. Clean, transparent, keeps the items off of the dlc list, but you still purchase them directly through steam, neatly separates “real” dlc from the tiny cosmetics… I like it.

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That was completely unnecessary… You could have just ignored it and suggested something else instead. Your comment doesn’t improve upon anything or is even a form of discussion.

Thanks for wasting my time checking on this meaningless notification…

Sorry! Reading it again that sounded way more mean than I intended it t, my apologies. I was just trying to quickly express the opposite of what someone would express by clicking the ‘like’ button - I disagree with the idea.
In a thread like this where we’re tossing suggestions around, I feel like a Like is as important as a Dislike.

But yeah there’s better ways to say that.

That’s all fine and dandy but you could have just ignored the idea and discussed a different idea.

No, it’s not. Bad ideas are best left to be ignored or discussed to make it better. Dislikes and disagreeing without discussion doesn’t improve anything.

Go to Reddit if you want to downvote without proper discussion.

I am still very interested if the new distribution method will allow for the gifting of cosmetics from players to players (also with or without region-lock shenigans).

Also interested if the old premium cosmetics will be transferred to the new system to “unclutter” the DLC list and making space for new clutter.

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cosmetics is kil

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Typo or an acronym I’m not familiar with? Let’s be ultra optimistic. They will release with the anniversary.

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