Reintroduction of 3000 Shillings Hats

A while ago there were a couple of hats in the shop at close to 3000 shillings a piece. Due to negative feedback they were removed almost immediately and Hedge said here that they’d be reintroduced at a revised price.

Is there any news on that?

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Coming with season 3.


Bad news is the way this year is going so far Season 3 due for launch December, right around the time the magnetic field of the Earth collapses. Probably.

I just made all that up.

Someone knows when season 3 starts?

Apparently we will get an updated this month. Hedge wrote that when asked about Season 3s arrival in some thread. Since Hedge for god knows what reasons made his profile private picking that statement up again could be labor intensive.




@Radina.Shevu @EnragedFountain thanks for the answer

Say what? It looks the same as all other forum member profiles do on this module.

Its not Privat anymore. It was 6h ago, since I checked before writing about it. Magic.

Cool, thanks.