Developer Update - May 29


Welcome to another Developer Update!

Skulls for the Skull Throne went live yesterday for owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 on PC and will run until the 11th of June. Blood for the Blood God! Click to find out more about it.


This week we wanted to show you another concept art of a Premium Cosmetic that we are working on. One of many! Our in-house lore expert has spent a lot of time researching, investigating and brainstorming different hat concepts. While we had his attention we also took the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions regarding hats. You can read the interview further down.

If you have any questions related to cosmetics, lore, or tips about any specific hats you want us to look at, hit us up below!

This hat concept is for Slayer Bardin. One of the most important aspects of being a Slayer is showing off your mohawk, and this tricorn hat makes sure that the mohawk can peak through. This particular concept* is based on a Slayer known as Long Drong, and specifically a model from Long Drong’s Slayer Pirates. Long Drong is the Pirate Captain of a band of Slayer Pirates.

*This concept is a work in progress and can change during development, as well as sometimes work in progress items can be pulled from production for various reasons.


1. Where do you take your inspiration from?

Old and new Warhammer books, (army books, art books, roleplay books), other Warhammer fantasy artwork and miniatures.

2. What do you enjoy the most with working with hats?

Looking through the reference material and finding the perfect fit for each hero.

3. Your favorite hat in-game, so far?

I’m sorry to be so predictable but has to be Pigmar. It ticks all the boxes for me, sourced with a backstory from a book, seriously ludicrous. Worn with dignity and pride by the wearer.

Second pick would be the Anvil of Doom.

4. If you could pick a hat to own and wear at the office, which one would it be?

I could see myself wearing the Marienburg Bicorne.


That slayer skin lookes awesome !!!
Would be cool to have some pirate tattoos for a body skin then

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I guess I’ll just go ahead and bring it up.
Any word on the unavailable hats we’ve had in the game since launch?

The ones used in trailers should be available by now at the very least (imo).


Any plans to add red illusions to Lohner’s Emporium?

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I hope you guys are working on new armour variants as well!


They will return in Season 3, some with changes, but all at a reduced cost.

Yes! Those are now scheduled for inclusion in the emporium, and will be fed in over time throughout Season 3 and beyond along side a bunch of existing and new cosmetic items.

It’s been discussed, but not in the pipeline. Might happen though! We’ll see.

No need to hope!



I stared blankly for like 5 full seconds at the concept art until it finally clicked! That’s gonna be such a good hat! I love it!





Thanks for answering the questions! I am a bit disappointed about red illusions not being planned for LE, though. Nevertheless, can’t wait to see what else S3 will hold, next to these sweet sweet hats (and armor)!


I have 3 questions:

1º When will we have season 3? Approximate date
2º What’s new in Versus mode? Almost a year has passed since it was announced
3º Any news on Catrinne? Will we see her soon in the castle?


June is necessary for us to ship the next update.

Versus is still very much in development. Testing, itterating, repeat. Hopefully we can open up to beta sign ups in the near future. We just have to move from an alpha state to a beta one.



Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to hear that you’re working on everything :smiley:


So i’m assuming you are working hard on the Ps4 update and try to get season 3 out before the month ends after that, right?
Also a friend is irritated by your wording (and it got me too), he says you need the month to work out the update so it comes out early juli, i said you meant the update is coming out in june. Who is correct? :sweat_smile:

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I’m not sure :smiley: June is when we’ll ship both updates for PS4 (Drachnenfels and lohners emporium) and the next PC update.


@Fatshark_Hedge Ah you unfortunately forgot to tell us about what the next dlc is. I know you wanted to do this in this update, so I’m just reminding you so you can update your post, or reply accordingly !


Any hope of there ever being color matched cosmetics? As in metal color matching for armor, helmets and weapons? Reason says it should be comically easy to implement, as all required assets are already in game, just copy/paste and apply already existing color where needed. Especially Foot Knight and Unchained stands out. Please?


This sounds hopeful, I’d have thought they wouldn’t implement it, expecially because we have hats (like the dwarf beanies) which differ only in colour

I wonder how things are progressing with the colour-changer system prototype.


I would bet on “Not yet padawan. Not yet”. Or “Too soon Executus.”