Developer Update - April 24


Welcome to another development update.

Community Challenge News

You’re on to the 8th day of the Community Challenge, around 57% through the allotted time, and you’re around 56% through the required kills. When we set out we wanted this to be somewhere between a ‘safe’ and ‘nail-biting’ challenge. Right now, however, we’re out of nails and we’re chewing on fingers.

We’re hoping this bonus length double XP weekend and the promise of a bonus triple XP day for completing the challenge is enough to tip the scales! Now get slaying! (but first, check out the rest of this Developer Update of course!)

Cosmetic in Concept

This week we want to show you a work in progress of a premium cosmetic item we’re working on. One of many, this hat is looking perfect for Huntsman Kruber. This concept is as mentioned a work in progress and can change during development, as well as sometimes work in progress items can be pulled from production for various reasons. But we wanted to share this with you!

We took inspiration for this unique item from an art book called ‘Blood on the Reik’. Tell us what you think? Would you want this in your Kruber wardrobe? Do you have the book and see any other inspirations you’d like us to take? Hit us up in the comments below!

Community Art

Last week we featured some less traditional fan art here in the update, and this week we have seen a huge influx of more traditional creations by some of the hugely talented artists in the community and we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of those!

Eshin Assassin Rat

By ’ GasMaskSamurai '.

Butterlord Remastered

By ’ Count_Spliffy ’ - You can see a WIP sketch that led to this great piece here.

Skaven Ratling Gunner

557 votes and 47 comments so far on Reddit
By ’ GasMaskSamurai '.


By ’ JFK_FORGOT_ZHONYAS ’ boyfriend’. Drawn without having seen a Gor and entirely from description alone. Not bad, JFK_FORGOT_ZHONYAS’ BF!

‘Let them remember only the steely glint of your eyes in the dark. Let them fear your return.’

By ’ TarNREN '.


By ’ Count_Spliffy '.

Thanks all for sharing your art with us! You’re all incredibly talented, and it really warms us to see such talent being used to showcase a project we really love being involved in.


Last but by no means least, the crew over on the Vermintide sub are hosting a VerminLore Crafting contest!

Like to write? Like theorycrafting? Then this contest is for you!

In this Reddit contest, your goal will be to write an as of yet untold bit of flavor for the Vermintide universe.

Have theories on Saltzpyre’s life while he was still apprenticing as a blacksmith? Want to theorize on Olyesa’s card games? Or maybe you fancy you know exactly who Lohner is and what he’s hiding. The Reddit mods want to know! They will be issuing prizes, so why not give your penmanship a go and be in with a chance of winning some sweet prizes!


“premium cosmetic item”

Is it gonna cost 45e?

When do you add skins so we can use the coins we grind? 1 year or 2? maybe 3? :smiley:

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Looking good and yes I would! :+1:
I would however like the leather/cloth bit to be a little longer, to make it rest on his shoulders and blend in with his outfit.
The current length makes me think of some weird peasant cap.

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Oh baby, that looks niiiiice! Thank you guys for sharing this!
On that note, I also appreciate you guys doing these fanart showcases to put the spotlight on the fan artists every once in a while, I’m sure it’ll really help them out!

Lastly I got a question! When the new set of premium hats shows up, will they come with a new batch of cosmetics for Lohner?


New “premium” for 10€… yay! :confused:

For worshiper of Tall (like Kruber) should be a stag skull.
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Horned_Hunter webp (obraz WEBP, 352×306 pikseli)

That’s a Horned Hunter and they can wear whatever animal stuff they like, as far as I know.

But that’s not really important, because Kruber is not a Horned Hunter.
It was suggested as a fourth career for him though.


But he is Tall worshiper. Ram skull fits like fist to eye :stuck_out_tongue:

I am looking forward to read weird fanfic heresy.


Worshiping Taal doesn’t mean you have to dress as a stag. He is the Lord of Beasts, not the Lord of Stags.

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Ok, in this case mabe pig dress will be better? Pigs are also beasts… lol

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Very very cool, but… those hats you removed from the emporium because too expensive?


I believe they’ll come with S3 at a new lower price.


Can we get some info on what we “could” without-any-promise see in season 3 in terms of new content (or remade content) ? Gameplay related =p


If only we could have that armor to pair the new helmet with and be as cool as that sketch ! Please try to introduce new armor as well and not only hats !!!


Just found Saltz Steam Tank career in Blood on the Reik.
For the Empire!


That is looking mighty fine and I’d be willing to pay for this one. So yes, good stuff. As to what I would like to see. I think a good skin & hat combo for Saltzpyre(not sure which career this would fit in with the most) would be a plague mask with a black hooded robe. I highly doubt that it is lore friendly but I think it would be cool.

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I’m doing my part.

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The saddest part is that despite being a cooperative game, it is more profitable for everyone to play separately, instead of sharing the same enemies.

If your team was full, the kills would be +/- the same, but they would be more spread out. However, if everyone plays their own game, the kills are multiplied by 4.

Pay attention because there will come a reaaally stupid question.: Is Reddit the only chance to take part in this contest? Because I was thinking about writing something (if I find motivation) but are not to prone to register for Reddit as the past has shown it being a place for kinda “ill-informed” people.

In this regard, does anyone know if I could use a proxy or if I have to post personally? And where could I find someone trustworthy (who could also serve as initial feedbacker)? All under the assumption I find motivation. Don’t count on it.

:stuck_out_tongue: I believe they have to be posted on reddit to count (as it’s the platform for the contest and is being arranged by the team there). People are free to use throwaway accounts, and I don’t think you need an email to make a reddit account.

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