Developer Update - May 29

Thanks for answering the questions! I am a bit disappointed about red illusions not being planned for LE, though. Nevertheless, can’t wait to see what else S3 will hold, next to these sweet sweet hats (and armor)!


I have 3 questions:

1º When will we have season 3? Approximate date
2º What’s new in Versus mode? Almost a year has passed since it was announced
3º Any news on Catrinne? Will we see her soon in the castle?


June is necessary for us to ship the next update.

Versus is still very much in development. Testing, itterating, repeat. Hopefully we can open up to beta sign ups in the near future. We just have to move from an alpha state to a beta one.



Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to hear that you’re working on everything :smiley:


So i’m assuming you are working hard on the Ps4 update and try to get season 3 out before the month ends after that, right?
Also a friend is irritated by your wording (and it got me too), he says you need the month to work out the update so it comes out early juli, i said you meant the update is coming out in june. Who is correct? :sweat_smile:

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I’m not sure :smiley: June is when we’ll ship both updates for PS4 (Drachnenfels and lohners emporium) and the next PC update.


@Fatshark_Hedge Ah you unfortunately forgot to tell us about what the next dlc is. I know you wanted to do this in this update, so I’m just reminding you so you can update your post, or reply accordingly !


Any hope of there ever being color matched cosmetics? As in metal color matching for armor, helmets and weapons? Reason says it should be comically easy to implement, as all required assets are already in game, just copy/paste and apply already existing color where needed. Especially Foot Knight and Unchained stands out. Please?


This sounds hopeful, I’d have thought they wouldn’t implement it, expecially because we have hats (like the dwarf beanies) which differ only in colour

I wonder how things are progressing with the colour-changer system prototype.


I would bet on “Not yet padawan. Not yet”. Or “Too soon Executus.”


It’s over 2 years o clock :flushed:

I have another question regarding cosmetics @Fatshark_Hedge.

When you get all possible hats from Commendation Chests, the next hat drop from those chests will be a duplicate of a hat you already have. Are there any plans regarding this?

What I’d like is to see is some way to turn in those duplicates for Shillings.

I thought you got drops for other characters if you get a full set?

Yes, if you get all the Commendation Chest hats for 1 character, you start getting hats for other characters if you still open the Commendation Chests on that character. But if you get all the Commendation Chest hats on all 5 characters, you get a duplicates in the following hat drops.

IF anyone has actually got all hats for all characters and is getting dupes now, then the RNG is strong with this one.


I think haiken has them all, and i think i’ve seen someone else before asking about this aswell.

I think there are several ppl until today. I am at the ~2.5k h mark in the game and have all the Commendation Chests Skins too since some weeks and there are a lot of players with more hours in the game that should have all the skins too (or maybe they just sit on their chests since it’s a pita to open them all ^^ ) Anyways, I stopped opening chests since then because I heard of the dupes and don’t rly wanna open chests for no reason. I really hope there will be another use for those chests, esp. since FS decided to make em the main reward for almost EVERY new challenge in Okris Book, rly deserves a :+1: in terms of creativity… :sharkasm off:

Yeah @kuli who doesn’t want to give me his dupes ><