EAC unrecognised dll crash after uninstalling closed beta


A couple of days ago I uninstalled the vermintide 2 closed test, as I never used it. I then started to experience crashes in game, often midway though a map, often as the action was ramping up (swarm spawns, patrols). I didnt always get an error message, but sometimes I would, and it would be related to EAC. I cant remember those first error messages.

I followed the following advice:

Go to the installers/EAC folder in vermintide 2, and use the EAC setup to repair/install EAC - no change to crashes
Delete the certificates folder in the EAC folder - new crash, saying missing certificate, and forcing a verify of game files - this caused a NEW crash where EAC_x64.dll was not recognized.
Uninstall and reinstall game - now crashes on mission start

Any ideas?

I’m not sure if you’ve seen my response in the Support Portal yet, but I’d recommend that you reach out to Easy Anti-Cheat’s Technical Support instead as they’re much better to equipped to handle these sorts of issues. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if I can help with anything.

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