Does anybody else hate the "peasant" lines of the GK?

I’ve been the somewhat proud owner of a bretonnian lore book and very small army for a bit over a decade now, so I’m aware of that. My point stands though. Kruber wasn’t borned a bretonnian, so it’s very weird for him to suddenly embrace this, especially after having been a common soldier most of his life. Fortunately the new keep voice lines have made it abundantly clear it’s a joke (and some of those interactions are downright hilarious). I just wish we didn’t have “peasant” replacing “sir” in every voice line. There’s a time and a place to comedy.
I find that downright annoying to be honest. Saltzpyre bore it for too much, it’s no surprise he had us all go to the chaos wastes. This one is on Kruber :stuck_out_tongue:

I just mentally replace ‘peasant’ with ‘pheasant’ every time I hear such a line, and it makes me smile.

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Every time sott says ‘meat’ I replace it with ‘mate’.

My head cannon makes sott a bit of a cockney.

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Errrr yes, his witch hunter companion is a commoner, while Kruber is a lord by right of succession.

Funny how everyone gets triggered by Krubs being a jerk while Keri has been calling everyone mayflies from the dawn of time. You guys know what mayflies are? You know what they do, right?
Ah, I guess that says a lot about that black-eyeballed no-good f-ing xenos and what we came to expect of it (her?).

Except there’s a thing called “being a bastard” which is generally not a revered status between knights.
Kruber would be a pretty distant descendant of such a bastard.
The fact he was chosen by the lady is quite impressive, the rest isn’t (both by bretonnian and empire standards).
I can see he’d occasionally joke about it (like he does on the keep), but every damn line? I’d be happy if they reverted that.

@OrsonMaxwell It’s true what you say about kerillian. Err… well, most of it. But she’s being like that for most of our time together and she actually mellowed a lot with time. You can see how she cares about the others through the remarks (expecially when drunk). With Kruber they sort of went the opposite direction lately, and that’s not as much fun (imo)

Well true, she did mellowed a bit - singing songs along with Bardin etc. If you don’t play with a SoTT though - the level of disregard for her cockney ‘meats’ is even more pronounced verging on complete alienation.
And nah, f-cking with Krubs about the Lady being an elgi is totally in her character. A girl’s gotta have fun.

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