DLC Boss(es)

I’d rather have fought a Blightking at the end of the Blightreaper ,and recovering the sword from his corpse. He could’ve had faster regen (like the troll) and if you wanted to use the “pull-a-lever” mechanic it could’ve been the heroes resanctifying the place by activating holy icons to weaken the boss.

Existing models could’ve been nurglified (FS words, not mine) and even just using the Bodvar model with the trolls animations would’ve been pretty cool.

A plaguebearer is also something of a possibility as the heroes could probably duff one of them up, although nurgles rot is a bit difficult to explain away…

Arch Warlock firing lightning around would’ve been awesome too.

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Oh just made a quick google search. Yup they look terrifying.

I would have loved to see the Blightreaper in action. Being wielded by a Chaos Warrior or some higher warrior would have been enough for me.

Lets start talking about the Gatekeeper?
A real shame he is so similar to the guy in the Warcamp. Sure 2 big boss battles would maybe overdo it in terms of difficulty. But just making him more unique in appearance would be cool.
Before the ‘blessing’ of course. (for now he just lost his helmet)

And this blessing… Was that direct interaction of a Nurgle demon or even Granddaddy himself?
That would be crazy!

That was most likely just him overreacting to taking damage and wanting to much and his gifts getting out of control, that’s how you become a Chaos Spawn, nothing especially nurgle-y with it. Chaos Spawns are regularly undivided Chaos (at least their common appearance, there most likely are Chaos god specific ones, but that would mean 5 different models in the games representing them, maybe TW:W3 will give us those, the Beastmen kinda got their own), their existance comes through the gifts of Chaos overtaking an aspiring champion. If you take more than you can chew, you’ll end up as one. It may also happen if a Chaos god looses interest in you, you’ll loose his favour, and the mutations will become to much without godly guidance.

Ohhh. I thought those Mutations happen only when that ‘victim’ gets gifts.
Like: There is your gift! Do you turn into a spawn? No? So you are fine.

So those gifted “individuals” have to constantly be carefull to “overdo it”?
Or is it more like they have an inner force they have to keep in check? And may let loose if they fail to concentrate enough?

Seems a bit similar to Sienna, who has to resist her fire lust to just wreack havoc?

A chaos spawn is the result of an aspiring champion (or a champion who lost his grace) with too many blessings for their body and soul to be able to handle.
Bite more than you can chew, and your body mutates into a writhing mass of flesh known as a chaos spawn, with little to no conscience left in it save for the wish to destroy and wreak havoc.

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Where is that from? This looks cool. Now I want to play as one. And while I believe he would destroy our party I would still like to see such stuff in a game. Can’t care about lore more than about the actual game’s awesomeness.

Total War: Warhammer II :blush:

Why? The guy’s like 10 feet tall, he’s clearly got some serious gifts, and is in charge of a pretty large invasion force. He’s absolutely at least champion tier, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be lower than a hero when all the other lord fights are lord tier.

Burblespue is referred to as a sorcerer lord at one point too.

Master assassins are scary, but they’re not much scarier than anything else the U5 fights. In a straight up fight between a strong chaos champion and a skaven assassin in lore I’d bet on the chaos dude every time. Snikch is a whole other matter, but that’s a bit like saying we couldn’t beat Bodvarr because Archaon would kill the U5 in his sleep.

edit: this wasn’t all adressed to you btw, I just suck with quotes

I thought Chaos Champions, chosen by the Chaos Gods themselves, would be just more menacing. Legendary beings who can only be taken down by Legends themselves. Like Ungrim or Teclis.

I can only guess so much since I don’t read the books…

Nah, Teclis is on a whole other tier. Chaos champions are scary, but people as strong as Teclis could nuke them with no real stress at all. I doubt the guy would even be concerned at all about your average chaos lord tbh, he does some insane stuff.

Chaos gifts are a huge advantage compared to your average dude, but they’re not so rare that only the absolute best get them. Lots of aspiring lords get gifts of chaos, and chosen are well below lords despite their fancy name. With the U5 all being named hero tier, I definitely think a weaker chaos lord is a reasonable fight, and a skaven assassin is below that.

I’ve written a whole paragraph but @ArkBlanc summarized it pretty good before i finished my session today. :stuck_out_tongue: If you still want to read it, here:


Well, you are not wrong, getting gifts is also a major cause of becoming a Chaos Spawn.
Let’s take Nurgle for his Vermintide 2 relation. You may pray to him to endure (not of concern what, to be honest) or to survive one of his poxes (that’s the most common turning point, thus the mention) and eventually you’ll be chosen worthy (or not) to get one of his gifts. They are minor and major ones as well as named and unnamed gifts, some are similar among the gifts of all chaos gods, like superhuman abilities of strength, endurance, speed (very un-nurgly, though) and the like.

Mostly the major ones are the ones turning people into Chaos Spawns. But, getting to that point is mostly due to some ‘fault’ in the host. He is not ready yet to receive the gift in either faith or preparation or he is not counted worthy or tricked by their patron god into doing it to scrutinize them.

Anyway, it comes down to their willpower then to overcome the test by Papa Nurgle, which may include, but is not limited to: Visions of disease, death, carnage or slaughter, the garden of Nurgle, deamons, destruction and renewal (the endless cycle); fighting and killing a fallen from grace or in any way unworthy or sacriligious Champion of either Nurgle or another Chaos god; cooking up a sweet new disease and spreading it (for the more craftier ones); summoning Nurgle deamons (which can backfire the most times); what Bubblebutt Halebarry tried, summoning a portion of the garden of Nurgle into the mortal plain which would’ve doomed Helmgart and more; etc.

Failing, taking too long, lusting for to much power (that goes mostly for the magic types), taking the wrong path even when accompishing the goal, these all may convince your patron god to abandon you, which could result in your spawnification.

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With all due respect, a skaven master assassin isn’t so weak that it can be taken down just like that.
Master assassins are hero killers. They have the capability to 1v1 almost anyone save for a legendary lord.
Their sole purpose is to kill the MVP’s of the skaven army’s enemy- key personel such as generals, captains, heroes and even wizards. Being the go-to choice when Clan Eshin wants a job done that’s essentially a death sentence, master assassins are those whom are sent to do the job, because they can do the job right, and come back alive.
They’re not scary because they’re big, burly brutes with huge axes and centimeters thick armour, they’re scary because their skill, cunning and nigh- supernatural feats make them a death mark upon their target.

Skaven assassins are not the ones for an one on one fight, that’s what you might expect, @LordGiggles. They will just find the Chaos Lord sleeping and kill him right then and there with their warpstone blades, and sneak back into the shadows and be back half way before anyone notices the death.
Edit: and those Warpstone blades can do the trick, believe that. It was enough to give a very weakened Alcadizzar one (must’ve been a very good one, though), and he walked up to Nagash and got him back to sleep for another couple hundred years.

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That’s not all. Master assassins are death dealers even on the battlefield. They sometimes fall in with the rank-and-file undercover, only to leap out with its poisoned warpstone daggers as its mark, believing him to be a lowly clanrat, finds out the truth in a manner of seconds. Seconds too late.

There is a huge difference between killing an enemy general and winning a 1v1 fight with a Chaos lord. I’ve not seen anything to suggest your average assassin (as far as I can tell master assassin is a TW thing) would be much of a match for a chaos lord.

They’re hero tier units in a race that doesn’t exactly specialise in 1v1 brute force. They’re scary, but they’re not that scary.

Considering that a bossfight is unlikely to be happening while the U5 is sleeping, I don’t really think it’s worth talking about if an assassin could kill them while they’re not awake.

I don’t think the blade that killed Nagash is equivalent to the random warpstone blades assassins have lol. The fellblade was pretty unique, and tomb kings 6th ed does mention that it was a drained and weakened nagash

But a skaven assassin would never take that regular fight if he can avoid it. They know their best chances are backstabbing. I think a lord fight would need to be a lot different to the rest of the fights we saw until now. Maybe the whole map as a boss fight, with random strikes from him throughout that you have to avoid till the end, more gutter runners, and then an arena fight with a lot more adds than usual and him just being an assassin with a couple of lives instead of an healthbar, 1 live would be more than your average gutter runner and it will not be extinguished if it’s not wholy taken away before he despawns. And spawing specials during the fight, would also be a first timer.

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yeah I don’t think the fight would work very well in game for that reason, because you’d just run an autoaim ult and nuke him whenever he appears.

which I suppose isn’t very different to what would happen in lore either, tbh. sending an assassin to fight a waystalker surrounded by other heroes is pretty much just asking for a dead assassin. hard to beat wood elves at their own game, particularly when they’re standing behind a big wall of metal and fire.

"All Eshin warriors are trained to learn these defining skill-traits, but only the Assassins have the skill and experience necessary to undertake the highest tier of the Clan’s training. It is then that the secret arts are taught, some of which are ancient techniques studied in the Far East, but many more are unique fighting styles of the ratmen’s own design. By the end of the long initiation, an Eshin Assassin can jump many times its own height, hurtle over obstacles or back-flip a great distance. He can run faster than a galloping horse and climb up smooth surfaces with ease. In motion, an Assassin is a blur, able to rain blows upon a foe or pluck arrows out of mid-flight.

These assassins are so adept at hiding in the shadows that many suspect magic at work. The final test in an Assassin’s training are death missions assigned by Clan Eshin’s ruling council, presided over by Lord Sneek, the leader of the Clan and one of the Lords of Decay. After surviving the mission, the Assassin is considered an acknowledged master of the arts. It is thanks to their fearsome reputation that the Council of Thirteen often employs Eshin’s Assassins in their day to day affairs."

You’re giving these rats too little credit where credits are due. It doesn’t matter if you’re endowed with the blessings of a chaos god or wearing enchanted chaos armour. If you’re the mark of an Eshin Assassin, you’re as good as dead, unless fate swings your way, because their speed, skill , cunning and supernatural abilities is able to outshine even the biggest non-plot armoured chaos brute.

The wiki is pretty useless as a source, honestly. Nothing there suggests a random hero tier assassins from a race that is physically not particularly strong is going to be anywhere near a match for a chaos lord, who is an insanely skilled warrior to start with before being amped up to 15 by chaos gifts.

Assassins are scary for most things in the universe, but you’re really massively overstating how strong they are if you’re comparing them to a chaos lord. There’s plenty of things out there that would absolutely maul one 1v1.

Ok, i think we can just agree to disagree then, we are walking in circles.
We should get back to topic and find another possible boss. :grin: