Playing as Special enemys (maybe even a boss)

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i already mentioned it once on discord but i figured here would probably be a better place to do so. The title is giving the idea away already although it is not a new idea but an old one which i have “stolen” from Left 4 Dead 2.
Everybody who played this game once knows that one could play as one of their Special Enemys (Jockey for example). Now imagine yourself lying in ambush with your favorit special enemy (lets say a Ratling gun for example), waiting for the team to come to your place just so you can go berserk on them and raising the difficutly bar even more.

Maybe even playing as a Boss (Stormfiend, Chaos Spawn, Rat Ogre) could be fun but this should be limited to 1 time per map in total.

But it would probably need to be seperated from the regular runs since some people wont like it to get invaded i guess :smiley:

From my point of view it will make things alot more interesting and fun to play and i hope way more people do think so too.

Happy Butchering @everyone



This has been brought up a few times and FS has said they have no intention of doing it. I agree I think it would add some longevity to the game though.

no intention? they just need to understand how good it is so we need to keep bugging :smiley:

I would totally love to play a blightstormer; call a storm and teleport - hide between houses outside of the map = free win Kappa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jokes aside i dont think it really would fit the character of vermintide.

I love that this game is strictly co-op. Changing that would likely drive me away and I doubt I am alone in that. once could argue that adding in the other mode wouldn’t change the first mode. However, it would likely lower active players in it, which would be undesirable.

There’s also the massive amount of dev work that would go into balancing and implementing it.

well the lack of potential pvp could also drive people away which would be undesirable. at some point people are getting bored of running legend over and over again, so why not have this mode so people which want an additional challenge can go there.

Because PVP means a HUGE effort for the devs. Balancing… everything… they have to start from 0.
Meanwhile they provided amazing dlc content for a more than fair prize, they are still tweaking a lot of balancing patches, deeds, cosmetics, reds etc. I as a fan of l4d and V1+2 would not want a pvp mode at the cost of less singleplayer content / balancing / cosmetics.
There have been a lot of pvp modes for such games, in which one of my favourites was dead space 2 pvp (thought it was even better than l4d, even though cheating a room full of witches in a private pvp match with friends was always hilarious)

huge effort to balance, hmm, lets see what ya think they need to balance for it?

This or half a dozen (or even a dozen… this would be a LOT of work) new maps? This or 2-3 new heroes? This or several new careers?

i take this :smiley:

Thanks but nope :/… we have enough pvp game.

Nah, we already have Killing Floor 2 that does this. I’d rather them just bring back pub brawl or some kind of dueling thing you can do whilst at the keep

aah way to boring … i rather hunt people down with special enemys, cause its fun

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