Interesting Versus Concept

I saw this amazing Versus mock-up on reddit and thought it was worth sharing. If specials did have their own careers and perks, I would most definitely be interested.

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If the plan was for Versus to still act like L4D Versus, would this mean you’d only be able to spawn as a single special for the whole map? Or would you have to spend the time setting up your build for every single potential special?

It’s a really cool talented idea but I just don’t see how that would work out.

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It looks cool.

Kind of makes me want a ‘dungeon master’ mode. I’ve written about it before, but essentially you control what spawns, when and who it attacks. You could also have players as the enemies too.

If you’ve played Battlefield 4- the commander mode is pretty much the same thing.

The modifiers make me want a randomizer, similar to Diablo, where the enemies can have effects attached to them.


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@Kitten It’s theoretically possible

With existing mods:

  • You can have more than 4 players in a game
  • You can spawn any enemy anywhere you point your screen at (mostly)
  • You can tweak the AI director’s spawn rates of basically anything
  • You can fly around the map

Combine these and you get a dungeon master mode with as many players as you want, but there’s no mod that puts all of that into a proper package with a fitting UI.

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The only problem being that I have no experience with coding or modding in any way. :sweat_smile:

Even with years of experience in vermintide modding, that would be a massive undertaking, otherwise someone would probably already have done it.

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