PVP mode?

just a thought that we could have the ability to spawn as the specials or boss. The goal of the “infected” to put it in L4D terms, should be to fail the 4 players, being awarded points for kills or knocking out a player with a tome or grim. just a thought that could be cool as dlc or special event.




Please, no! :scream: Money should be invested to game fix and to add new content like maps, characters, careers, enemies…

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Twitch mode works somewhat as a replacement, only instead of playing a char, you are playing the AI director.

I personally think this would be really cool, have pvp at the base to test your skills on other players would be cool

With the skills in the game, such as trueflight or pyro’s fireskull it would suck to be on the reciving end. And no, I don’t think fatshark should waste time on anything like that.

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This. Take a look at Killing Floor 2 and its versus mode to get a clue how much fun it would be.


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I think it should be left to modders, since the balance and redesign efforts fatshark would have to go through to make it official-quality would be ridiculous and result in notably less new levels/items/characters/whatever down the road.

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I think this would be awesome but I agree with those who said it should probably be left to the modders so that FS can focus on the other things.

I also think it would be fun to play not just as a special or boss but to control just one lil’ slave rat. Be that sneaky lil’ rat who pokes people in the butt right when they think they are safe…

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They are locking out a huge amount of sales by not doing a versus mode, like L4D. Just think of what they could do if they had a ton of new sales.

I personally won’t buy the game without a versus mode, and I think there are a lot of people who feel the same. Just look at the success that Epic saw when they pivoted on Fortnite, trying something different not only kept that game from dying, but skyrocketed it to the very top of the revenue charts. Now Epic has put all kinds of development efforts into it because they can afford to.

You people gotta think outside the box.

You don’t have to keep necro’ing all the old threads about it mate lol. I don’t think FS is interested in a versus mode and I would say most of the community isn’t either. I remember there being a poll about this and 90% of voters were against a versus mode. At this point we need more maps and possibly a new character or new classes for each of the existing characters. As well as bug fixes…


Battle Royal DLC when?

maybe in a couple of years?
I think now there’s still a lot to fix/change/balance before even thinking to add a twist (another one :smiley: ).

I don’t think they could even implement a mode like the versus mode in L4D. They might be able to build a completly new mode with specific levels and having the skills modified so that trueflight and burning head isn’t massively overpowered.

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The problem would be precisely the same as it is in KF2 versus mode and why you cannot really compare it to L4D. L4D doesn’t have levels, different heroes with different abilities, weapon and ability loadaouts and levels. It makes it infinitely harder to balance around and I think next to impossible. Also, L4D doesn’t have tracking insta-gib abilities like trueshot volley and burning head. Imagine how much fun THAT would be: You spawn behind cover to get a drop on the heroes, only to have 2 out of your 4 players die instantly to these abilities.

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