Will there be a pvp mode?

Darktide Reminds me so much of left 4 dead 2 with the audio ques and specials. What would be so much better in my opinion is adding a pvp mode where the rejects are timed and the specials who the other team is playing are tasked with making it harder or stop the rejects in their steps.


Please no. Please, please no.


Folks, a PVP mode would clearly clearly clearly be seperate to the main game, as it is in L4D2, it’s a valid ask. I’d love to play a trapper or something. Having that be totally optional to the main experience would be fine, please don’t overreact.

I’d love to see this, but I don’t think it should be a priority over current efforts in the near to mid term.


It is my personal opinion that there are more than enough pvp games on the market and that there are few enough dedicated co-op games as it is. And it would ultimately take attention and effort away from the base game which needs as much of both as it can get at the moment, and likely attract a new demographic who only play the pvp and would have to be considered as well.

Remember when Fortnite was a co-op pve game? Great times.


Some day I will understand why people hop into a Coop game and ask: “Where is my PvP?”

Cooperative games are rare like an oasis in the Sahara desert.
PvP games are the sand.


I agree with OP, this game would work well with a PvPvE mode of some kind, perhaps like L4d where it’s still a team coop horde game, but a few of the elite enemies in the horde are human controlled instead of AI.

That was probably the design behind the Vermin Tide 2 PvPvE mode that was in development.

In addition to it being a nice feature it has other benefits. There are a lot of things that I expected fatshark to do with this game to increase player retention, but they didn’t do any of them, and it’s now too late to change that, it’s all baked into the game.

This game will have poor player retention like previous Tide games, which means eventually both a smaller player pool to match with, and less DLC and new maps for the game as there are less people around to buy it or play it.

But adding a PvPvE mode, perhaps as a mission type, solves this as it massively boosts the player pool and retention. It will lead to an overall larger player pool in every game mode, and will cause Fatshark to make more DLC and more maps for this game as there is more money to fund it.

If you don’t like the game mode then don’t play it while still reaping the benefits. It’s simple.

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Maybe as a cherry on top after all the co-op content is done. We can revisit this in 5 years.

Unfortunately the player retention in tide games struggles with months, let alone years. It’s very poor for what it could be, and in comparison to some of its peers. A PvPvE mode would solve this problem, which cant really be solved with the way DT has been fundamentally built.

I vote against this. There are so many PvP games. We don’t need another.


V2 pvp was probably a development dead end and according to FS modus operandi, they just stopped talking about it, never admitting the failure. There would probably be no other result for DT, since it’s a V2 reskin.

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Nope, this game like V2 game Coop and that’s enough. No need for PvP here, There are so many pvp games on the market.
Referring to MMORPGs where PVP exists but those games are mostly PVE and where pvp is the most forgotten and unbalanced what can exists.


Fatshark still seems to have a very real interest in developing PvPvE modes for Tide games. They said in 2021 that they are still working on PvPvE for VT2, but they showed it off way too soon, and have things they aren’t happy with. It will probably come eventually as the new snow maps did, they just seem to have a glacial development pace, probably in part due to being tied up with developing Darktide.

I can imagine VT2’s PvPvE has problems that are tricky to deal with due to what they were going for. For example the building climbing as shown in a blog post would likely have meant editing every single level in the entire game to make all buildings climbable.

Darktide in comparison would be much simpler to make a PvPvE mode out of as there wouldnt be anything crazy like the climbing all over the walls they showed off in that blogpost.


It’s this blogpost. Climbing sounds like it wouldnt be a thing they would do, but they did.
That almost certainly made development a lot more complex and difficult.

This is the kind of mindset who is driving the industry to a spiral towards a boring future where there is only a handful of games with little to no variation. “bla bla bla player retention” This is the kind of trap many studios seem to fall into and ruin their franchises. We got here with games like vermintide and darktide. The types of games you and younger generation judge to be superior were created from the foundation games like left 4 dead, counter strike, mario, etc built. So this is just bs. They dont NEED to put a multiplayer pvp into this to make it viable. This is EA type of s*** statement. If you try to please everybody, you risk not having nobody attention at all. Maybe vermintide could risk something like this now that its very solid game. Something like left 4 dead special zombies vs survivors. Something like natural selection 2. But Idk if its worth it.

tl;dr: Nope.

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Left 4 Dead invented the horde coop shooter.

Left 4 Dead is the reason this genre exists.

Had Left 4 Dead never existed its likely most coop horde shooters would never have been made, or at least nothing like we know them.

Left 4 dead had PvPvE.

I don’t think ‘modern gaming’ is really the thing here when the father of coop horde shooters had it.

You missed the point I tried to make and you are holding strong to the wrong stuff here.

The point is: Its not needed. If they are making darktide, its because vermintide was successful. They earned money enough to justify a game like darktide.

I mentioned left 4 dead because it is what it is. They are original and dont need to follow industry standards to be successful, specially considering how s**t these standards are nowadays.

Left 4 dead is mainly know for being a coop horde shooter, not for its pvp mode. Its formula has been copied because of the horde coop mode, not the pvp mode.

So, I don’t agree with you. Games dont have to last forever and vermintide, darktide, whatevertide don’t need a pvp to be viable or successful.

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So, I don’t agree with you. Games dont have to last forever and vermintide, darktide, whatevertide don’t need a pvp to be viable or successful.

There’s nothing wrong with a game having a fantastic release with a big player count, then seeing that player count crater down to nothing immediately after release. That’s okay.

But personally I want to play Darktide long term with tons of support and frequent content.

The probability of that tons of long term support and frequent content goes up with high player retention making for a big and healthy playerbase.

But Tide games have bad player retention.

VT2 PvPvE will probably release before any DT PvPvE, so I suppose we will see how popular it is and good at keeping players around.

I don’t appreciate the framing that all PVP games are toxic. LFD was first and foremost a story game like vermintide was. It also wouldn’t take much away long-term from any development. Once it is done there won’t be much to do other than check in every so often if at all. Bringing in new players is never a bad thing.