LFD2 versus mode in V2

Im not sure if this is a place for suggesting game modes or not,but recently I watched a stream where 8 people played versus mode on LFD2 and it was really fun to watch let alone play.Obviously this led me to the idea that this game could really use this game mode to add some fun and cool PVP/PVE. thats all really

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That’s a terrible idea for 100 and 1 reasons, but let the main one be this: these devs can hardly put this game together. It’s a shoddy, lumbering mess, that was designed from the ground up to be co-op only, and which was built on top of an already existing game that had most of its features ironed out - and it’s still a mess that’s not even release candidate worthy yet, 7 months after its actual release.

You don’t want them even trying to do versus. It’d hurt. Everyone. Which they won’t for the remaining 1000 reasons that I can’t be bothered to explain, someone else will.

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