Love Game PVP

hello the devs

he should put us a pvp system in arena in combat a group of 'blue players and a group of players red and 1 blue VS 1rouge the group color wins

the game would work better with a PVP

I give my opinion

Lets hope not.


Hard to balance PvP, in surival games… even if they manage to make some kind of PvP it will favor 2-3 meta clasess which anyone will play… overal playing whats OP =/= skill

Devs confirmed that no, so no and majority dont want it.

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pvp takes the fun out of a pve-focused game. with pvp will come over-balancing, and then you have characters who can’t do anything crazy - that’s just not fun anymore.

when people play video games pve, they want to be challenged but feel powerful. in pvp most people want it to be extremely balanced but skill-based (think L4D2, no talents at all)

L4D had versus mode.

I can see the fun in playing as specials/bosses. Except the stormfiend. Poor stormfiend.

and it was great. but all characters had no talents and could do exactly the same things. vt2 we have such a diverse set of talents and traits to change things around, it’ll be crazy trying to balance it around pvp.

if they can pull it off, kudos to them tho. more fun for everyone! but i don’t think this is the direction they want to go into.

In L4D all heroes are basicly the same… they all wear same weapons, nothing to balance. PVP is L4D is pure first person shooter like CS:GO

Fatshark can create PVP this is possible indeed…but than people who do serious PVP will ask for class balance… its hard to balance PvP stuff in PvE game

Only what fatshark can do is melee arena where character enter without talents, only meele weapon, block and dodge… this is onyl which coud be balanced.

Player controlled specials is hardly an extra reason to balance the core game.
I won’t stick to minimal details. I’ve posted just to point that the concept isn’t new. It’s surely doable if there’s interest.

L4D style PvP where specials get power bonuses/cooldown reductions based on average heroes power level would be really fun. The best part of L4D were those intense fights where zombies used all abilities at once causing total chaos.

What “serious about PvP” would mean? This kind of game is not meant to be competitive like CS, it’s just another way to mess around and to get more mileage out of a single game.

Why would they ask for class balance? L4D versus mode was assymetric. Both sides took turns trying to slow down or stop the other side from getting to a certain point on the map. Whoever got farther won. It’s perfectly balanced. It’s genius.

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