New way of thinking about PVP options

I have an idea. 2 different teams play the same map like Fortune of Wars and who hold out longer, wins the game. There could be a ranked system as well. It could give the game a desire to play for those players like me and my friends who have everything done, there are no deeds, challanges remained etc… The game style wouldn’t change, beacuse you could compete others without real contact. You could choose which Monster/Boss you want to send against the enemy team…

This idea doesn’t need any changing in the game, but 3 new maps and rank system.


I have better idea - no PvP


This is not a PVP game, stop asking for PVP. If you want PVP go play fortnite or whatever.


If you want to see the result of just slapping a PVP mode into a game not meant for it, look at KF2. Versus is a chaotic mess that is usually heavily in favour of the survivors (mainly because of the perk system in place), the maps are not optimized for it at all and while it can be fun for some rounds, it is usually quite a mess.

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Hey, I also think that a PvP Modus will just frustrate the players in the long run. I have seen it in the Left4Dead Games.
In the beginning it will be fun jeahh, but you can just really enjoy something like that if you play with your friends (in a full group) against another full group of friends…
There will be ca. 5% of all the games make fun and 95% will cause a shitstorm, ragequits, bad feelings or negative wibes etc… no I think going away from PvP and stay away is a very good plan for this game <3

Not everything which was invented by other people before does automatically mean it is good.

FatShark you do awesome work especially for the fans of Warhammer!!! Keep up the amazing work!
I think I am going to write you all of my thinkings about the game and let you decide if you are going to use something from my ideas to create a much better game!
Thank you so much!


Vermintide 2 is not a platform for PvP, as simple as that. If there would ever be one, I imagine it as Evolve in a Warhammer setting, asymmetrical 4v1 PvP.

Since Vermintide is heavily inspired from the core gameplay of Left4Dead, perhaps taking a cue from L4D2 could be useful.

In L4D2 PvP was handled by a 4v4 indirect game mode.

The mode was played in 2 rounds with the goal of one team playing the role of the heroes challenged with a task, usually fetching a number of gas cans scattered throughout the level and bringing them back to fill up a generator or the escape car to complete the task.

Team 1 would play first and basically set the time which Team 2 would then have to beat. Team 2 would play on the side of the horde, taking control of a Special enemy that would spawn in on a delay. There were rules for when, where and how often a member of Team 2 was allowed to spawn in.

When Team 1 completed the task, the entire group was wiped out, or the maximum allotted time for the task expired, the roles of each Team switched places. Now Team 2 would play the heroes and the outcome of the previous round would be the timed goal Team 2 would have to beat.

In this way, neither team directly competes against the other. They indirectly compete by setting a challenge their opponents would have to best. For example, if Team 1 finished the round in 5 minutes, then Team 2 would have to complete the same task in less than 5 minutes. Whatever team is not playing the Heroes, they control regular enemy special and eilte types and are simply trying to slow down and distract the current hero team as much as possible.

Vermintide 2 would have to expand the idea to accommodate its unique take on L4D mechanics, but there wouldn’t be normally expected balancing pitfalls of trying to pit PvE character abilities and gear directly against other Players using the same.

Versus and scavenge are literally the same direct competition that you say it isn’t. Competing for a time/score by attacking the heroes until they all die. I don’t think balance would need to be a huge consideration because both teams would already play as both forces already.

Could we not have some kind of drinking contest in the Keep? 1v1 with some kind of click reaction minigame?

I’m personally fiercely opposed to seeing Kerillian giving Kruber a beating. She’s annoying enough as it is!

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