Content Request (Down the Road): Skaven Clan-Specific DLC Bossfights

For way down the road, even if it’s not in this part of the series, it would be really cool if we could get epic bossfights vs the kind of beefy enemies the Skaven would naturally hire on to try to deal with our heroes. I’d love to see fights dedicated to:

  • Clan Eshin: Boss could be a tanky and uber aggressive variant on a gutter runner, minus the perma-disable unless designed as a fight-quirk. To get to the boss you’d have to get through a gauntlet of assassin-grade BS traps and ambushes.

  • Clan Moulder: Freak-monster + trainer battle

  • Clan Skryre: Mad scientist tech-rat fight, maybe make it a doomwheel battle (Skryre is currently too underrepresented imo)

  • Clan Pestilens: Gas rat + Plague Monk leader combo

No one high on the totem pole, just some mid-level duders who’d have been contracted out. I love the current lords but was disappointed that the warlord battle in VT2 is pretty much identical to the warlord battle in VT1. With so much variety in skaven society and their penchant to trade services and whatnot, I’d love to see that variety manifested into the game.


I agree, some epic boss battles whould be really awesome if done right
Fatshark is concentrated in others updates now, but later that whould be awesome
Hope someone’ll do custom boss fights mods otherwise


Just let me fight against the “Demon” if we “fail” to interrupt there Ritual at Convocation of Decay.


Lol, from a lore point of view, the heroes would get obliterated by the archdemon that’s being summoned

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