Difficulty balance is terrible

Why are some missions on a difficulty level really easy, some are a good fight and then others are absolutely bonkers crazy impossible.

If the mission can be anything from easy street to near-impossible when choosing a difficulty level, whats the point of having difficulty levels

This seriously needs work


Maybe sometimes you get 3 level 30s on Malice difficulty in your team and you think it’s easy, but the next game you get 3 lvl < 10, and you think the map difficulty changed.
Again, this can be fixed by level restrictions per difficulty.

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To my mind, this speaks more of FS and their mission design rather than something being impossible, isn’t it a good thing we have different missions that require different tactics to overcome? Perhaps different weapon loadouts? curios? Makes the game engaging, would get boring if we had the same mission. Then again, i’m not so sure the game is very balanced on t4-5 diffs if this is what you mean. Malice is fine.

no thats not it. Im talking about doing say torrent with no modifiers. One run you will get a good balance of hordes elites, specials and a monstrosity. Nothing too insane a good challance but doable. Another time you’ll do the same mission on the same difficulty and you’ll get hordes of shooters along with normal hordes, whole hordes of ragers, two or three ogryn gunners, two or three ogryn’s in armor, a couple of snipers, a few dogs and a monstrosity. all at once

Difficulty depends on many factors. I can clear damnation most of the time with a premade team but playing with random people finishes heresy is a real challenge. Sometimes randomness is not in your favor and special enemies counter your team composition. In my experience all runs are different and that is a good thing.

It’s probably going to take a while for them to fix. Convocation of Decay in VT2 was not only notorious for its abnormally difficult finale, but that there was huge variability on the spawns such that sometimes it’d be a cakewalk, often it was very hard, and sometimes it was nigh impossible.

Not really surprising that Darktide has many similar problems.

There is a lot of variables you don’t control. Like your team mates, their gear and builds. Also the game director, which controls the spawns and events. I don’t see these spikes of difficulty as problems, more as part of the experience. What’s the problem if you fail some runs? At least you have more variety in your experience and need to adapt on the fly.

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I will speak from my experience both here and on Cata in V2: it all comes down to people you play with. The key to highest difficulties in Tide games is:

  1. Stick together for most part (unless boss + horde etc.)
  2. Slow pacing through map always with romm to fall back (if possible)
  3. Everyone are tagging and crazy, not only sniper
  4. Move, clear from range what you can, get closer, melee, clear, rise repeat.
  5. Everyone are together on objective.
  6. Saving teammate > objective if possible or snowball effect
  7. No rushing
  8. Most important: idividual skill. Don’t rely on others, you need to be able to handle every situation yourself if needed. That also includes your chosen weapons.

Sadly for most part it’s people that make things hard. I had few games on Diff 5 with random that were V2 vets and it went smooth. Few others were wipe or me carrying like crazy becasue people were just bad. Sometimes it’s just ONE teammate that makes the difference.

So if you play solo always be ready to hard carry/clutch and equip accordingly.

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I am not talking about players here, why is everyone talking about players. Im talking about encounter scaling. How many enemies and the level of those enemies the game throws at you at once at any one point in time

And we are telling you that’s not issue at all. It’s players. Nothing in this game when it comes to mission objective stroke me as that much easier/harder than rest.

He’s talking about spawn variability as you can see in his second post.

Yes, the variability is massive in Darktide, yes it’s worse than in VT2.

I don’t think its worse than in V2. In V2 you had matches were you just go through map (cata), kill stuff, horde, then boss without horde, kill boss, you spot patrol faaaar away, easy avoid, do objective, win.

And sometimes you go to first “trigger” location and you get Patrol, you get boss, you get horde, you get 3 globadiers, hook rat hooking teammate through wall and one of you barely make it (if that) past first location and try to res rest and maybe save match 4 min in.

It’s simillar here. I don’t really see big difference in spawns.

Apart from enemies spawning silently on my back, which I agree fully needs to be patched.

In V2 attempting to save a downed teammate can also result in a snowball effect. We are not rushing to play on Heresy (none of us are levellled enough), is that any different in Darktide? I would say in some situations might be safer to let someone die then attempt a risky revive (if you have no stun grenades left etc).

I have a right to have my own opinion on this. stop telling me I am wrong. you can disagree if you wish but don’t tell me I am wrong about my own opinion on something

edit - to put the player thing to rest. I play with 3 friends. its the same players every time

seems like it yes
but I keep getting randoms who ignore resources and also ignore specials so maybe that is why
vermintide 2 also had literally random luck difficulty as far as I could tell

I’d say perhaps 80% of games in VT2 felt like they fit into a fairly tight range in terms of spawns. And then the remaining 20% were the AI Director snoozing or throwing a fit. Darktide feels like it drops or goes up a difficulty level fairly often. That might be an issue with certain enemy types being much more threatening than others though. Elites in Darktide(not including Ogryn not sure what to call them) feel pretty weak compared to their VT2 counterparts.

But if I disagree that means I think you are wrong… Nowhere I said you can’t have your own opinion but you put it here on FORUM where people share OPINIONS. So yes, you have right to have your opinion and disagree with me.

But I will still tell you: you are wrong.

Welcome to forum.

Well, obviously it depends but I find that getting people up in Darktide on final objectives is usually as hard as reviving them due to range enemies spamming at you. So if possible I prefer to pick up my downed teammate as 1 less player on final objective on Diff 5 is one less sniper/range option which is big.

But sure, it depends. Like last objective “click” to get out vs let teammate die? Obviously he dies for the Emperor so we can all win :wink:

Situation calls for different action but generally it’s better to keep your numbers up on final objectives if possible.

Though downed Ogryn makes a great floor tank :smiley:

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I play with 3 friends and we drop with the same loadouts most of the time. So the variables you are talking about are not really at play with the issue I am talking about

Is the game director also playing on your team? :wink: V2 also had some of these issues, later fine tuned a bit. I noticed in Darktide the first drop from the safe zone can be rough if you drop into a pack of heavy elites and gunners.

I’m also waiting for these threads about the magic door issues with specific specials teleporting from across the map to pop out JUST behind you at a wrong moment.