Difficulty balance is terrible

That bomber is the worst! Like rest I can react as I have great hearing so I can react in time to snipe or dodge but when it’s bomber teleporting magically through magic doors next to us and exploding killing few people: that’s not cool at all. Even I kill him he is usually too close. Especially if you are already fighting in said room. Even if I detect him with Vollley sometimes you just can’t do anything about him and just wait for inevetable… :confused:

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Ah this reminds me. I hear a lot complaints in our gaming group about the “catcher” having poor audio cues. The only one which works well is the sound of the net being electrified, but in many cases this might be too late if it catches you mid swing or action.

I have no issue with catcher myself (doesn’t mean it’s fine if it is issue for majority). She has that “muffled” voice and speaks to herself so I can hear her when she spawns and runs to team (like Leech/Stormer whishpers) and when she wants to catch you it’s that “zzzzz” sound before it’s “zzzap!” when net is flying. So when I hear “zzzz” I just dodge to side even if I can’t see her/she is on my back.

People treat her like hook rat but I treat her like Leech. You can avoid Leech in same when when there is teleport sound and you alway dodge 1 second after that even if you can’t see him.

My team complains more about Bomber push being inconsistent and about Mutant being able to “chain charge” you when you try to melee him in small room, which I also find fustrating.

Yeah, I usually don’t have a problem either, it might be matter of the noise level, as the initial sounds catcher makes when spawning are not that loud, especially if you are firing say…a bolter.