Devestating Strike now broken

The recent patch attempted to improve devastating strike by making it activate on the crit that triggers it. However, it now only ignores hitmass on critical strikes, rather than lasting the full duration of 1.5-4.5 seconds depending on the tier.

Steps to reproduce:

  • equip a weapon with this blessing
  • go into the psykanium and attack something with high hitmass, like a mauler
  • observe attacks stopping on the enemy, except for crits

Just to clarify, this is an issue with the description not being updated properly, the effect is working as intended.

Could you ask for the reasoning behind this change? What now is the functional difference between devastating strike and perfect strike?

Also what do different tiers of devastating strike do now? Nothing?

This seems like a weird nerf mostly for devil’s claw sword. That’s perplexing when that’s not an outstanding weapon to begin with.


except on chainsaws =)

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Devastating Strike’s description is:

Ignore enemy hitmass on critical hit. Lasts X Seconds.

The patchnotes indicate that you fixed an issue with the blessing so that it also applies to the initial crit rather than only applying to the followup hits. The patchnotes don’t say that the blessing was nerfed to only apply to crits and that the X seconds duration was removed.

If this was intentional, then what is the difference between tiers of the blessing? Currently, the only difference between blessing tiers for Devastating Strike is how long the effects lasts after a crit.


Yes and on a related note, will chainswords be fixed so that special attacks that crit while having this blessing still bite into the target?

And will it be fixed so that chainsword cleaving attacks with this weapon that crit don’t just do a single tick sawwing dot, but the full actual weapon damage?

Chainswords with devastating strike blessing is currently severely bugged. Crits still prevent the special attack, and they only do a single tick of dot dmg rather than full weapon dmg.

Now that the description has been updated to remove the “lasts X seconds” text, I’d like to bring up again that there is no functional difference between tiers of this blessing.

So I will ask again: Was it intentional to remove the only thing separating tiers of the blessing, thereby making it so you can earn progressively rarer tiers of this blessing even though all tiers perform the same function and have the same text? Because to answer “yes” to this question is to say “we broke the system on purpose. We intentionally made it not work right.”

Now, I’m not gonna stress whether this blessing ever becomes usable again (currently it’s trash), because there are great alternatives like savage sweep or wrath. However, I do think that this is an obvious case of a miscommunication getting officially adopted into policy, and is a great example of something you can work on to improve.

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This is one of the least creative, anti-player nerfs I’ve ever seen.

  1. You’re diminishing player reward for having found and stored the higher tier versions now that all the tiers are identical.

  2. You’re getting rid of a fun way to play the Devil’s Claw Swords as a “faster Heavy Sword.” Granted, Devil’s Claw Mk IV w/ Vicious Strike on a Zealot was straight up doing the Heavy Sword’s job better, but maybe just buff the Heavy Sword instead?

  3. You didn’t even bother to update the description at first, tricking players, let alone omitting it from any patch notes. Come on Fatshark. Do better.



Really crappy blessing that has 4 tiers for no reason. Really sad way to balance. I got tricked into locking this blessing in on my chainsword and slapping a shred on it, what a waste.


No it absolutely wasn’t. Heavy sword can get a 2.6 X damage multiplier just from its blessings. Heavy sword has always been miles ahead of claw, which makes it extra bizarre they nerfed devastating strike out of the blue.


I mean for me, I tend to make faster and more mobile weapons work better for me. I know the heavy sword always objectively did more damage per swing and brutal momentum is probably a better blessing than old devastating strike, but running around with the Mk IV Claw Sword on a crit build was fun af.

please make a rework of devasting strike because now i have this weapon really high tier but i could get the tier 1 of the blessing and it wouldn t change nothing. and make it for devil claw become good by the way.
parry mecanique is a good idea but this need to do a lot more damage