Fix Inconsistent “Devastating Strike” effect on crits with chainsword

The chainsword blessing “Devastating Strike” which ignores enemy hitmass on critical hit prevents the special attack from chainsword unless the target is wearing carapace armor.

According to this post it is working as intended.

That simply can’t be real. Imagine a blessing on force sword special attacks that made it so you some times couldn’t use the special attack and it would just become a normal attack that critted. That’s what we’re told is supposed to happen with this blessing.

I don’t believe it’s working as intended (something has to have been miscommunicated here, particularly since the blessing behaves differently depending on armor type of enemy), and if it really is working as intended then it should be changed because the effect is outright stupid.

What is presumably supposed to be a good blessing for an occasional strong cleave now makes chainswords with the blessing objectively worse weapons to use.

Why on Earth would you ever want Devastating Strike if you could just get the much, much more reliable Savage Sweep for >150% cleave for 3 seconds when hitting 3 enemies or more instead?

Savage Sweep means every time you need to cleave because there’s multiple targets, you just hit 3 enemies and gain another 150% cleave. That’s instead of having to rely on the occasional rare crit to get another 1-2 swings with infinite cleave afterwards, then going back to normal cleave for however long it takes before you get another crit.

Simply not worth it in comparison to have an occasional and rather rare infinite cleave when it simultaneously makes special attacks unreliable.

Please fix this blessing so it doesn’t ruin critting special attacks with chainswords.

You guys changed devastating strike. It’s bad now. It’s locked on my weapon, and I don’t want it anymore. Guess I’m screwed? You also made it so tier 1-2-3-4 of the blessing all do the exact same thing… Maybe add something to the higher tiers like base crit chance or something? This is pretty frustrating given how hard it is to make weapons with your crafting system.

Does fatshark not understand how having it last for X seconds vs on one crit is a huge nerf? There’s a reason brutal momentum is coveted on axes. I spent days farming this exact blessing to make this weapon, this is so frustrating!

If it’s vertical rev atack then it will stuck even if it’s crit, you can’t cleave to the floor with it. It is works same way with savage sweep on eviscerator, vertical special can’t cleave after SS procs.

I bet even with 150% cleave you will stuck with regular hits in some mob, in crusher for example. However with devastating strike you will not.

P.S. ah ok i’ve just noticed this is a necro thread

I have moved away from devastating strike and sold all chainswords I had with the blessing.

It ruins chainswords because it makes the special attack highly unreliable. Often times the special won’t “bite”, so you didn’t kill that special or elite you were counting on killing with a special attack.

I simply cannot fathom that this it is supposed to work this way. It’s objectively the worst chainsword blessing since it only procs on chance crits, which means it only gives unreliable random cleave (and you rarely cleave THAT many targets anyway that you gain much benefit from infinite cleave on single occasional crit).

It’s much better to just get 200% cleave for 2 secs when hitting 3 targets or more and chaining heavy attacks because it’s 100% reliable.

Agreed. Also sad.

Hint for fatshark, give special attack 0 cleave…
0 x eternity = 0

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