Dev Blog: Deep Dive into the Shrine

At that Warframe doesn’t even force you to slot machine it, they just ask you to pay to skip the arbitrary time gate.


So to clarify does re-blessing a blessing on an item re-bless with the same tier of that blessing or does it reroll the tier so you can potentially get a top tier version of it?

You re-bless it with a blessing you already found by “sacrificing” (deleting) that weapon for that blessing. That blessing (at that tier) will be unlocked for all future re-blesses.

Yuck, this is more than I thought fatshark would do to address concerns but it’s also a sad confirmation of the design intent. I’ll continue to play other games.

Starting to feel like VT2 all over again except worse with all of the equipment management.

How will reds fit into the scheme of this?

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Yea, there is a really weird disconnect between the idea that you shouldn’t worry about getting perfect items and the idea that the chance for better items is the long term reward for playing the game.

Either the weapons don’t matter, in which case there is no reason to stop people from getting them, or the weapons are the reward for playing, in which case they have to matter, and people have every right to be pissed about not being able to obtain them.


All I had hoped to see with the crafting system was, as I believe was intended at the start, the modular system to be implemented. You know: ‘I bought this gun without a scope. That’s ok; I can take it to Hadron and get a scope attached for the cost of some Plasteel. If I want a better scope, the price will be higher. Maybe a special mission will land me a rare attachment, or completing enough side missions will get me rewarded with one.’ That sort of thing.

The way I understand machine ‘blessings’ in 40K is they’ve combined mysticism and religion with technology out of fear of what happened in the past where machines rose up to try to destroy mankind. So a techpriest will say a prayer, drip some holy wax and chant words from a mystic book over a gun… then slap a new muzzle on it that makes it fire more accurately. It’s literally a mechanic who thinks/hopes their religious fervor will prevent the thing they’re modifying from somehow becoming sentient and attacking humans. The Holy Hand Grenade exists in 40K, as does the Blessed Explosive Rounds, the Divine Eyepiece of the Emperor and so on. They’re not really these things, but that’s how those who work on them were taught to see them.

The modular system was meant to be this. You go to Hadron, she grumbles and fusses at you, then takes your weapon, does the required chants, prayers and anointments, then attached the parts you were after in the first place. This above all else would have made the weapons in this game truly custom weapons, and would have delighted at least me to no end.

I haven’t, played the game in such a long time I’ve sorta lost interest, but when and if there is any kind of serious, tangible update, I might give it a try again sometime. Here’s hoping, huh?


They killed gun attachments entirely because they interfere with weapon skins.


exactly what i wanted too, and im sure what everyone else meant when they said crafting system. I hate all this shitty corporate double talk they try to pull we are not this dumb.

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They said nothing about tiers. I suspect one of three routes:

  1. It will be given a random tier on application like the property tiers on a reroll.
  2. The saved blessing will retain the tier we pulled it off at.
  3. The saved blessing will gradually improve tier by pulling off more of the same type.

I’m beginning to think there just won’t be any reds. 80% is the best we’re gonna get.

Hedge confirmed that there’s room in the system but no current plans

If you insist that we have locked perk and blessings you should really let us upgrade locked perks and blessings.

So you got a weapon with

Perk 1 15% vs unarmed locked
Perk 2 25% vs flak

Bless 1 T4
Bless 2 T2 locked

Then you let us upgrade that locked Perk to 25% with mats and upgrade the blessing with mats and only if we got the T4 blessing already unlocked.

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That’s the thing: with the current system nobody has a mathematically optimized weapon. So we’re all roughly at some 80% optimization. That isn’t a references to “80% Damage”, I mean if we assume 80% damage counts as 100% progression (because it currently is), then the items we end up with almost never have the absolute perfect tiers of every perk/blessing we want or the absolute perfect distribution of stats – but everyone’s weapon is some slightly different sub-optimal build like that, and that makes things more interesting than if everyone is exactly the same.

I dunno man, I was at 832 hours and didn’t have everything maxed, and while I wasn’t bee-lining progression for every item to max, the fact that every run was rewarded a little was definitely a contributing factor to my playing the game that long.

I feel like a lot of your posts want to pretend that progression isn’t a huge player retention increaser for many players. The data definitely supports that players love having those long-term goals driving them back to the game, so while you’re certainly entitled to your subjective opinion on the topic, the fact is progression undeniably has a place in DT.

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Really? I’m at 680 hours, 1/4 of all gear red and every weapon orange with perks and traits I rolled. 200 of those hours were before red drop rates were raised. I’m pretty content with that gear pacing overall.

Reds and cosmetics should be the endgame grind, not gear that functions differently (breakpoints) at a baseline. It worked very well for VT2, how many people have complained about getting all the reds too quickly?


Yeah, it’s called the Athanor system from a lil’ game called Vermintide 2 developed by a studio called Fatshark and has been widely regarded as a major improvement to the crafting issues since it came out over 3 years ago


True, in VT2 there was a chance you could get an red equivalent from an orange, but the big difference there wasn’t the chance of failure and that you didn’t have to start over again from a more randomised base.

A bad itemisation pushes away a lot more people than having no itemisation though. Trying to get friends into VT2 was very difficult because of how long it took anything to ramp up from the beginning.

DT runs into similar problems, which admitted are being partially addressed, where a big one was first the inability to know whether you unlocked anything, then the ability to get a thing you just unlocked. Being able to target a weapon type is a good first step, but there’s still the other layers of RNG that statistically require years of play time to have them line up.

And that leads to the other end of the problem, where at “end game” there’s no progression because it’s all RNG, nothing to work for apart from waiting for the shops to refresh and roll, roll, roll.

Good and bad itemisation in my opinion is differentiated by whether you can work on an item and achieve in a reasonable amount of time. 100 hours is bearable, effectively infinite is not.


So yet another “we hear you” but when the actual changes arrive months later, it is literally some minor tweaks at best.
I am honestly not even suprised at this point, just massively disapointed to see we are stuck with mediocrity at best because devs somehow find this sort of crafting system with locks and stuff to be interesting.

Guess i’l wait and see how this new store and weeklys system is going to affect in all of this. I just personally don’t see it making any less frustrating for most.

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Will the item rating range be tightened up a bit or is it still the 290-380 range it is now.

VT2 also had a range when you got or crafted new items, but it was only 295-300 (a 1-2% variation) whereas the Darktide range is 23-24% variation on top of the random stat distribution.

Read the post. They’re obviously making the item modifier range better

Where does it say that? They said that the rating of the items you get from the new method is based off your level. That’s what it is right now. Level 30s now are already getting items from 290-380.

They did say

But how?


I’m trying to reserve judgement until we have seen the new system in action - but locking perks and blessings removes player agency and goes against the entire ethos of trying to give players more control. )=

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