Dev Blog: Deep Dive into the Shrine

My compromise suggestion if they are unwilling to remove locks.

This is such a bruh moment since people have been detailing out what they want changed and you just decided to ignore it.

People stated they are not happy with the current lack of control over weapon stats and how because you can only re-roll one stat it makes leveling up gear pointless since 1 bad roll is all it takes to ruin it.

There has been a pretty consistent set of feedback that states no one likes having to play the slot machine every step of the way only to end up with a weapon they throw out anyways because the last stat rolled bad and they need to start all over.

It’s almost like people bought a co-op fps and not an mmo or a jrpg and don’t assume it’s going to take 200+ hours just to gear a character properly. Crazy I know.


I would honestly prefer a very rare resource that just removes the lock for a high price or swaps it.

If we’re really wishing, I wish there wasn’t a lock at all.

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I think we should wait and see, but, unfortunately, as I predicted, the design intent hasn’t changed:


No option to Fuse/Combine blessings? This was the change you wanted to make that delayed the whole crafting system for 2 months already? You can’t be serious. This was the feature I was looking forward to since December I was waiting patiently for the rest of the crafting system to be implemented and now you scrap it for a worse version?

I’d take the Fuse/Combine any day over the permanent unlocks.


So nothing is to be done about adjusting or upgrading item base ratings or stat spreads after acquisition? Leaving us players still at the complete mercy of RNG to find something that is even worth spending resources upgrading? Perk locking will stay as is and Blessing locking will join it?

Allow me to say this: Hard ****ing pass Fatshark.

Your players want, and deserve, clear progression without getting routinely screwed by bad RNG.

Your games have never been Diablo or Borderlands. Nor is it some F2P game that needs to constantly tempt players to open their wallets to skip some grindwall. Why you keep persisting in dreaming up the most perversely aggravating itemization systems in an attempt to copy those types of games is beyond my ability to comprehend. Especially because it always ends up blowing up in your faces.

EDIT: Only 9% left to go until recent Steam reviews hit ‘Overwhelmingly Negative.’ And what a well deserved rating it will be.


Staying with the decision that Perks and Blessings need to be locked plus the removal of the Blessing Upgrade system seems rather harsh. Lets hope the new weapon acquisition ways will be enough to not let the still extreme Blessing/Perk RNG ruin the experience.

Gonna have to wait and see until its live.

It’s really more like this.


Yeah that’s definitely one of the hardest things to test (having worked on many progression-based games in the past). We would often “lock” our team into a progression build for at a minimum 2 weeks at a time and encourage people to get through progression the normal way.

But that runs smack into the other problem which is that running through the first 2 weeks (or 2 months, or whatever) of a game over and over is ridiculously boring (though this problem is worse in some genres than in Darktide).

Yeah, I think automated testing might have helped, but the problem is that if you don’t know what items people are aiming for you won’t have a good idea on how long it takes to get that certain item. That’s probably why the number crunching some of the designers did only occurred after the game came out, when it became a lot more clearer what stats/perks/blessings people go for.

I think the whining will stop sooner or later when people get tired of it and player numbers continue to drop. But yes, it is insanely tedious. But that’s not because it’s not justified, it’s because the game has far more problems. For me crafting is not a motivation to continue with the game, in Vermintide collecting Reds was an incentive, yes, but here I just play for chances and it’s not worth it to me. And the much bigger problem now is: There is unfortunately no other motivation for the “endgame”. And no, not even the gameplay, if I want to test something I’d like to play and therefore have to play something else for an indefinite period of time to even get to that point. It’s just not my thing.


Hmm what do you mean? They linked a picture of hte new shop and you can basically buy any item you want for 5k Ordos and it sounds like it generate those items based on your level. By default that makes me assume it’s the same attribute spread you see on current items for you level – except now when I want a new Combat Blade I can dump 50k on ten of em, pick the best one from the pile, and start leveling it.

Well…that’s quite a lot of agency. It doesn’t fix the separate topic of players disliking locks, but I don’t mind locks myself (they’re part of the limits causing not every weapon to be identical; if all the people asking for more control got their way, we’d all have been using literally identical flamers for the past 2 months, to take one example. There would be one set of perks/blessings considered mathematically optimal and everyone would reroll to it and we’d all be exactly the same, and well…to me that’s super boring.)

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Interesting that you (FS - not Catfish personally) couldn’t waste a single sentence, or one word about what you THINK the community feedback is.

Me with my painfully average intelligence, lurking the forums from the beginning, figured that the biggest pain point was layers upon layers of RNG, but obviously you have other ideas.
I would love to hear them.


Your logic is backwards. People want to get weapons that they want so they could play the game the way they find enjoyable.


I’m not mad just disappointed. This is not a crafting system this is the same thing you pitched in the dev blog during the beta that you are just calling a crafting system. Quick cutting corners and just do the work you need to do.

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So wait… Does this mean I will be able to modify my auto-pistol with optics and larger magazines, or not?

No you wont be able to. this only affects stats and perks.

What’s wrong with being able to get a mathematically optimised weapon that everyone else has? The itemisation was meant to complement the gameplay, not force people to interact with a slot machine forever to get the foundational item base in order to play the playstyle they want.

Having worse weapons doesn’t “spice” up the game in any way. People didn’t play 500-1000 hours of the other tide games because of constantly getting new “unique” weapons. In fact itemisation was only relevant for less than 10-20% of that time, whereas in Darktide it’s so RNG you can’t gear up a single character in 400+ hours.

Again, what benefit, apart from business orientated meta-stats like retention, is there for forcing worse items on players?


I agree. This isn’t warframe where everything is about having good gear and upgrades and there’s not as much skill involved.

What I have always liked about “tide” games is the difficulty and high skill ceiling in the game and experimenting with weapon combinations to do better. The whole experience is cheapened by RNG and super dedicated players spending ungodly hours on an unfun process to upgrade said items detracts from it. Especially if the difficulty is balanced around rare and hard to get meta combinations.

It should be more about load out, customization, and skill level. Let people chase cosmetics for player retention or the premium currency, make THAT an ungodly grind. Not the weapons and curios.