Dev Blog: Deep Dive into the Shrine

I think though it’s more like all blessings have a tier 1-3 and some have a tier 4. Based on the post from QuickPaw at fatshark (as I understand it) is that blessing types have different probabilities to show. I hear you about tier rarity, which I am sure exists, but there seems to be different weighing for different blessings (both the same tier). A tier 1 infernus and a tier 1 limbsplitter have different probabilities to roll.

You may just think Infernus doesn’t have a tier 1 rarity because since it doesn’t roll on low weapons, its more likely to have a higher tier when it does happen to roll.

Obviously you didn’t appreciate the feedback enough to take it to heart.
Do we really need to see the reviews on Steam tank below 20% before you take action, because that would be really sad.

This is of course not your fault, but eh… Man this is getting depressing.


Mostly pretty good stuff here. The continued whinging about perk/blessing locking is getting insanely tedious. It is in no way the massive handicap to weapons some like to claim it is.

What IS going to be a huge issue going forward if not addressed though is crafting materials. @FatsharkCatfish it’s deeply concerning to see no mention of the massive plasteel shortage issues in this post. Currently the amount of plasteel received in higher difficulties does not match the increased mission length and higher chance of failure. Furthermore the system encourages people to split up to search for materials in the level and generally hurts the pacing of a mission quite badly. Are there any plans to address these issues?


Is ambiguous feedback actionable? If not, you should say specifically what you want changed.

(You know like how I could’ve just posted, “do you think Catfish is a mind reader?” and nothing else, and you’d be left wondering what I was talking about. But instead I described a specific mistake you seem to be making and gave you a clear path to presenting your feedback in a more useful way.)

Oh you mean, like when I documented how awful the RNG weapon/curio store was and predicted that it would get even worse with the blessings “crafting” - because I knew that it was going to get locked too so I provided very concise data and feedback based on that data which explicitedly stated that UNLESS they removed the locking part of the crafting system it would NEVER get to a state in which the player had “agency”.
That part? The part we have been giving them feedback about since checks the beginning of their paid beta?

Man, I never thought I’d see the day in which I was first told that my calculations based on statistics were incorrect and I was a moron for making them, then when several other people confirm the same findings people are like THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! To now being told that… Lol. I didn’t provide them with concise feedback based on data.

But here we are and you win the prize of stupid. You could at least… AT LEAST have checked my post history on this.


This is completely pointless and against Player Agency. If someone wants to spend a lot of resources to get the two perks they want on a weapon just let them?

So that means you’re going to keep throwing random garbage items at the player that you can halfway customize, in terms of Perks and Blessings, because there are no attachments and the stats are fixed as well… so much for “it is centred around modifying weapons”.

I have the feeling it was not considered at all, what the community has actually criticized, or only points were picked out, that for themselves hardly represent an improvement of this miserable RNG problem. I don’t want to yell at anything without having tested it, but the changes described here don’t really make me optimistic about how you’ll “further shape and evolve the game for many years to come”.


People continued to play Vermintide 2 despite the itemisation and progression systems, not because of them.

Forcing this multi-RNG fest on people for the entirety of their playtime is just going to lose you more players.

Vermintide’s 2 system wasn’t great but was adequate. Darktide’s one is a pain to interact with and you can’t stop interacting with it unless you get ludicrously lucky with it multiple times.

You can finally requisition something specific.
Emperor’s Gifts are guaranteed and change in quality depending on difficulty.

5 layers of RNG (stats, perk 1, perk 2, blessing 1, blessing 2) where you have any control over only control 2 layers.
Forced interaction with item aquisition because of perk/blessing locks
Less control over blessing tiers

At best this is one step forward 2 steps back, but for such a player hostile itemisation system, it just drags it down completely because one of the main points of feedback was player agency, which you are still removing with the locks and random stats.


To be fair, where do you stop with that argument?

  • enemies are constantly trying to stop you from your goal. Is that against player agency?
  • you can’t set your weapon’s attributes to precisely the values you want. Is that against player agency?
  • you can’t use dev commands to instantly gain any item, currency, level, or spawn/kill any enemy. Is that against player agency?

In the strictest sense, the answer to every one of these questions is “yes!”

But at a certain point things are pretty ridiculous, right?

it stops when the slot machine doesn’t even let you touch the handle. You put in your credit card and it’ll pull the handle for you until maybe something decent might pop out.

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That’s the problem with the devs and internal testers. They don’t interact with the itemisation systems long enough to feel how much of a pain it is.

Your argument is even more slippery slope and out of context than the nerfers arguing for nerfs by saying every weapon becomes an “I win” button.

In the context of crafting, the systems they propose can lock out items if you are unlucky and forcing you to interact with item aquisition again, effectively starting from zero. WIth the random nature of aquisition and stats, it’ll take a statistically long, long time to get another crafting base to start rolling again. That’s where the agency gets removed.

If there were perhaps the option to strip the item down completely or reset it back to a grey, then it’ll be slightly better, because then it’s your choice to do so, not some RNG that tells you you can craft again.


This makes me so unbelievably happy!

This is fairly telling and disheartening limit to their interpretation of our feedback on “agency”.


Also don’t forget the curios - where if you happen to be unlucky enough and roll 2 bad perks out of 3, you can pretty much trash your +21% Health/+17% Toughness curio that you waited for ages to show up in the shop or as Emperor’s Blessing.

How much more RNG does this game need smh.


This entire thread should be mandatory reading for every Fatshark developer and suit.

The people commenting here is what is left of Fatshark’s base. It represents the views of people that still care even a little bit about the game and want it to be successful.

Everyone that was annoyed or pissed off or just bored have already left and probably aren’t coming back. Especially with news like this.


I’m glad they actually confirmed what I knew all along, but constantly got poo-poo’d by people who thought it was the same RNG pool as always.

Store bought weapons were junk if not Profane, because their upgrades would junk 90% of the time (like T1 blessings). Melk was blessed with better RNG all along. I have actually kept track of a lot of the upgrades I’ve done and that experience has always led me to believe this, but now here it is straight from the horse’s mouth.

All RNG was not created equal. Melk was always a bro, only Profane weapons were worth a damn. 100% accuracy.

Yea, they are entering the death spiral here where the game has become so unpalatable to most people that community feedback actually becomes more positive, simply because everyone they ignored has stopped caring. At that point there is effectively no coming back. They will be entirely devoted to a group of players that doesn’t care about the things that would have made the game broadly successful.

It’s like they are driving a train toward the cliff with 100 screaming passengers and the “This is fine” dog on board. All the passengers eventually jump and the conductor turns around and all he sees is the dog giving a thumbs up.


Well, actually there’s also Steam, Reddit and Discord… but I guess the usual opinion there is not much different?

I’m probably one of them, and so are pretty much all the people I played V2 with regularly and DT in the beginning… But a few still look at least in the patch notes, because they still have hope for improvement. Well, that was not the case today.




Nice, now remove the perk AND BLESSING locks, add a button to make bars on weapons go to 100% and add more gore so that shooting stuff feels satisfting instead of seeing 1 bullet wound in a guy i unloaded 50 rounds into thanks

its not hard all i want is winds of magic athanor please im so sick of this rng (especially when the gore is still limited despite having these improvements from vermintide)