Decorating Keep and making it relevant

Firstly apologize for my english, there might be some grammar mistakes.

I was thinking about , how to make Keep more relevant and a place to be used in loot-boxes. Because as we all know, loot boxes are here to keep you playing, dropping items and equipping yourself. Thats what I did in previous game, hunting for cool weapon skins and hats to wear them.

But in V2 , we have Keep. Its not as comfy as tavern and looks really bland in comparison.

There is one thing that bothers me, why Keep is so huge yet you spend 99% of time in the main hall? Why add Forge area to craft/salvage items if you can press "i " hotkey to get acess to everything? Its like spending a lot of time building up a Keep then in the end realizing that no one will really want to travel through whole keep to craft items. So you added " i " hotkey.

I feel like Keep could benefit a lot from loot drops from lootboxes, if you only could add cosmetics stuffs to your keep like carpets, furnitures, adapting certain areas to character theme ie Making main hall look like HighElf stylized or Empire-Stylized. I don’t mean whole redesign of Keep shapes but add decorations on top of existing ones that could drop from lootboxes. It could also go well with future quest-systems and rewards. It would keep game fresh, make keep relevant and add some kind of progress to the game. Because lets be honest, there are not many hats or weapon illusions to be dropped. Unless Fatshark aims to release “tons of new ones” with the each update.

Because if my Forge-area was stylized in comfy cosmetics, I’d be willing to visit it more often by walking and it would be interesting to see other people Keeps.

Adding a closed sections to the keep that would require repairing or certain ammount of resources would be also a nice idea.

I know there are paintings and throphies (still missing though ), but that kinda boring isnt it? Who would look at at anyways. Perhaps allowing Paintings to use custom images or SteamScreenshots to be used would be a better choice. These also should be placeable everywhere.

As for throphies, it would be fun to have more variations than Finish X on Legend or Kill X Boss. Something that could showcase your skill or teamwork. For example: have no one getting downed in a game or finish map solo.

Yeah Imagine a Wood Elf themed keep with all those vines and flora growing around, then you join to another person and see tons of edgy skulls everywhere.

Or some time in the future have a mission where you defend your keep against chaos/skaven invasion. . .

tl;dr :Being able to place furniture objects(dropped from lootboxes/completed by quests) in the keep manualy would be a huge benefit in terms of customizations and game progression and to showcase your throphies/achievements

I personally hope they don’t try and add this kind of stuff to lootboxes, it’d clutter the already mixed experience even further and make balancing even more difficult.

Rather with the hopeful prospect of perhaps getting quests in the near future it’d be fun if some quests would require you to retrieve an artifact or item from a map that is added when you have the quest in your roster and activated it.

Then bringing back said object which perhaps takes room in your inventory, would also in turn count as a grimoire/tome so that you can skip one of those. That way you get a sense of worldly persistence as well as having an effect on the world around you AND for the people that dislike tomes/grims you have an alternative. Like multiple flies in one hit.

This idea seems very nice. Lootboxes are a topic that needs to be addressed anyway, though. I almost never get good weapons, but a whole ton of trinkets instead. And most of those are way worse in their boni than the ones I got on level 12. Really disappointing. So cluttering that with furniture and other items could get a bit much. But how about getting them as a reward for deeds instead? That way one could get much more deeds with reasonable difficulty grades, as some are really difficult for a negligible reward really.

Could always add a decorations store that takes crafting materials