Just some general feedback after 200+ hours

I guess I should start by saying I’m a long term fan of Vermintide. I didn’t really want to make multiple posts because I didn’t want to spend to much time writing so I’ll just get right into it.

After I can honestly say I feel okay with the balancing. I see a lot of people still ranting about things but honestly… I don’t get it. Fatshark has been working so hard and I barely even see a thank you from anyway which is sad. I’m a Kerillian main (Shocker I know) but I’m not limited to her I’ve tried everyone, Witch being my least played because she just doesn’t really fit my play style. Here’s the thing, meta’s have never meant anything to me. I’m still running (and beating) legend difficulty playing shade with daggers and hagbane and having a blast. Yet I see posts and arguments about how daggers are trash now and all fatshark ever does is nerf but that’s just untrue. I feel like we’re going in the right direction with these updates and this “fanbase” really ought to get a reality check about how their behaving. Stop whining and provide ideas.

I wish there were more weapons but there are definitely more important things right now I know that. Sienna barely has any melee and it feels boring to me, same with kerillian having limited ranged. I know we have to stick to lore friendly stuff but I feel like in the End Times we’d use whatever we could find. Like some dark elf/high elf weapons for kerillian or some REGULAR weapons for sienna. I know it’s her bit and all but seriously does every single melee have to do fire damage? I feel like a high cleave weapon for unchained would be really cool and draw a lot more people to play her. Of course it would need balancing but hey what doesn’t. In V1 they added one weapon per DLC… I don’t think that works anymore with all the specializations. We need more weapons for each class so people who are one trick ponies stick around and there’s more content for everyone with a DLC. If the DLC only gives Saltz a new weapon then the map better be great otherwise the other class mains are going to feel left out and ignored. Obviously I have no idea how running games works but with all the money that this game has generated I don’t think it’s impossible to add content consistently over the next few years. Obviously lets focus on mods, dedicated servers, and balancing right now though. We’re so close!

Just for fun my friend Troy and I played around with some new class ideas, the one that we both really liked the idea of was a vampire. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about lore for Warhammer but I love the idea of a bloodmage. The basic idea was to have a class that worked around gaining stacks for dismembering and then an ult that had a really low cooldown but did damage in an aoe based on those stacks, I think we called it butcher or something. Another vampire specialization was similar where she/he would gain temp health off of kills or hits or whatever then had an ult that would change all temp health into real health, BUT she/he could never heal her/himself or be healed by her/his team. There was a third one we thought up too, but I don’t remember. Vamp lovers dream I guess lol.

LOOT, I almost finished the topic but I remember this is why I made the post in general. Fatshark, if you’re reading this I love you… but unbelievably I liked the loot system in the first game better than this one. The first game was so frustrating with the dice physics, but at least I knew that if I beat a map on CATA there would ALWAYS be a chance to get reds, and it never mattered what books I got it was still possible to get a red with a crazy good dice roll. In V2 I just… ugh… my team puts SO MUCH work into beating a map on legend with our communication and placement just to end with a commoners chest MAYBE a merchants which ends up giving me blues and greens that I definitely could have just got on veteran. I have gotten ONE cosmetic in my time playing, and I didn’t even like that class… I think we could MASSIVELY benefit from getting the bounty board back. Right now everyone is just in a grindy boring loot treasure hunt and it sucks. It’s not about playing maps for fun anymore its for the loot, that’s it. That’s the end game after all. If we had the bounty board rather than the deed system with daily missions with fun twists on them(Like the deeds have) that would give us something to do! It’s like dailies in MMO’s, you log on and spend the whole day playing, working towards that cool hat that requires all kinds of missions to get with interesting challenges and end the day REACHING THAT GOAL. With the deeds its like “Oh cool, a emperor vault. It gave me a deed… which rewards me with another emperor vault. Cool?” It feels meaningless and just… boring. PLEASE bring back the bounty board, it’s what saved the first game for me and it could do crazy well in this game too. I KNOW it.

Anyway to put it all into finalization I like the second game and I don’t have any gripes with it anymore since the beta. I think the fanbase is a little whinier then they need to be about balancing… not because their wrong about it just because “Fatshark you suck at balancing!” is not how you get your devs to listen to you. The classes are fun but I’ll always be dreaming for new ones. Finally I NEED THE BOUNTY BOARD BACK. Thx for reading if you read all of that, leave your ideas and thoughts on this in the comments, just don’t be a toddler ;). Please note I probably wont respond very fast, I’m to busy playing vermintide!


Don’t worry, friend - people have been positive too, but are keeping feedback rolling so Fatshark keeps making the minor adjustments where necessary. FS’s silence on certain topics is more what’s been driving some of the frustrations. As much as it often seems like whining so long as people keep adding to those discussions rather than write it off as whining, it can still turn into something constructive.

That said I totally feel you on the daggers, big learning curve if you want to live past the first horde but a lot of fun and great for peeling elites off your teammates, high risk reward too. Hagbane not my favorite but has it’s use-cases! Wish there were more weapons as well though, but hopefully DLC will continue to add weapons and maybe even towards the end an extra character.

Sadly the lore-friendly stuff has to do with GW moreso than FS itself, I’m certain of that, license limitations and GW-reviewing restricts a lot.

Vampire character would be pretty interesting but I don’t know how that’d go with the other heroes haha. Sounds almost like a ‘‘Return to Drachenfels’’ kinda deal where they pick up a straggler. That said the idea of a ‘‘semi-support’’ character isn’t new but if they somehow managed to add 1-2 new characters and not mess up the whole balancing I’d be all for it.

As for the loot/bounty board, yea we desperately need a similar system back, I believe and hope that quests are a work-in-progress too.

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