Darktide Needs Additional Time


With the amount of issues being brought up by the community. Will beta phase be extended and launch delayed so you can address these issues so to ensure the game releases in the best possible shape it can be. I don’t think there’s enough time to reasonably expect the developer to fix most of the problems people have with Darktide. As someone who participates in Volunteer QA for a small indie RPG studio. I can confirm that time does indeed go by fast. An entire week can be spent creating a quest, testing it, debugging it, implementing additional changes, running it through another series of tests, getting feedback, spending time implementing that feedback, and so on and so on. All of that takes time to do; now this is just for a small indie studio. I can’t imagine what it’s like working on a huge project such as this.

I’m aware you’ve already delayed this game once. I’m also aware that delaying a game is not an easy thing to do. However, with Darktide sitting at a “mixed” rating on steam with a 69% approval rating; and many people feeling dissatisfied with the game currently. I feel that we need more time to get Darktide in good shape before release. With the amount of feedback that the game has been getting within the past few days. It’s going to take time to run through that feedback, create an action plan, figure out what needs to be prioritized, and then implement said feedback; all of this is going to take time. Time that the game is running out of.

I am sure this is already creating a high stress environment. Probably leading to people having to crunch. Of course, this is just my opinion, but as someone who loves Vermintide and wants Darktide to be successful. I think a delay is appropriate to ensure the game launches in a good state.

Thank you
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Anyone can go through the bug report section on this forum and see that this game is a huge bug-ridden mess, much more than even Vermintide 2 at launch. They haven’t even acknowledged half of the reports, there’s so many.

It’s gonna take like 2 months to iron this out, at the very least.

Indeed. I am hoping with the cash infusion in which the developers received with this soft launch of preorders they should be in a good spot, financially; to afford to delay. Some of these problems are going to take a while to fix.

This was brought up times and time again and i can only agree. This game needs an Eearly Access phase of 6+ Months to get into a shape of a product worth 40 bucks. As of now i can see all the love and care that went into the combats moment to moment feel and the details all over the maps and models but the rest has a bitter taste to it which makes me NOT to recommend this game.

I want to use this to acknowledge all the things the Devs put into the game after the closed Beta based on Community feedback which is really nice: Shared Contract progress in Missions, Reworked Chain Weapons feel really good now, Animations in drop ships are synced, the Poxhound, as it is still yanky, is not as unfair as it was before, character names used in chat, we have a option to turn off chat censoring, Keybind saving works now!
My point is they really care and they listen to our feedback and improve the game but they need more time!

The bar is very, very low…

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