Needs some more time to bake?

This game might need some more time to bake. Darktide is still a bit doughy in the middle and I don’t think another 12 days is going to cut it. The current patch notes are what I would expect to see from a much earlier beta not the pre-order beta right before release.

Your community loves you Fatshark and we will wait if you make the call. Much Love.


I am on the same thought train. This doesn’t feel ‘two weeks from shipping’ levels of quality. As much as I am enjoying it…


Exactly. And I am enjoying it. I think most people are.

It just doesn’t have that level of quality I’ve come to expect from Fatshark right now.

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Sure it does, but hey another one follow the Battlefield disaster :frowning:
VT2 is such a fun game to play, DT just feels not only unpolished it feels just not ready on some parts of the game.


I think it’s hard to compare because we’re comparing a built-from-the-ground-up-brand-new-effort compared to VT2 which has had 4 years of post-release development on top of the initial development cycle.

I fully understand that this will not feel as fleshed out as VT2 is right now, that’s an unfair comparison. However - I do agree that this doesn’t feel as good as it could if they were to add a few more months to tighten things up. Especially since it feels like they should have been able to incorporate things more from what was improved in VT2. The melee in Darktide to me objectively feels sloppier and clunkier than VT2 - which shouldn’t be the case imo.

Those who were around during VT2 release will know that was also quite a mess at launch and the game turned out phenomenally so I have faith that Darktide will get there as well. If anything, maybe it’s a good thing that we get to play this a bit earlier than “when it’s done” because they can incorporate feedback better since we can voice what we want and what we don’t like.


I did not play Vermintide so I don’t have that as a reference point here but I am thoroughly enjoying the game. I think a few performance tweeks is really all that’s needed.

Should have listened to your FANS and not the money of Tencent.

You will always be Failshark.
When people talk about you as a company they do so with a look of disgust and annoyance.
You failed.

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Doughy? They put raw wheat in the oven! It burn!

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