Darktide delayed to 2022


They can take as much time as they need as long as the game launches in a playable state.


I’m all for finishing the V2 experience and then moving onto Darktide, even if it means Q3-Q4 2022.


Having the balls to face the music&announce that they arent ready and need more time is waaaaay better than just releasing something half finished and then promising to release the missing parts in due time.

Looks at wolcen

Yep, i like this style a lot more.


glances at Cyber 2077


Rly I’m not surprised, same as in 2022 it will be a half-baked propduct like V2 on premiere LMAO

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I see this as good news, it’s always best not to rush a release.


To be fair, we could even look at v2 at launch.

Anyways it is the right decision and honestly not a surprising one for me either. I just hope they really do use the time well, unlike some other recent releases.

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Its a good move for 2 reasons
1st if they arent satisfied with the product and it needs more time delay is a MUST, you have 1st impression only once cough WoM cough
2nd This year Back for blood releases and its the same genre and it could easily overlap

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Wow i wasnt expecting that…

no one wants a repeat of Cyberbug so please take as much time as you need.

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I honestly thought saying it would come out was just a way to tell people that you were working on a new game and were just expected to throw a date on it. Whoever believed you’d deliver a new game this year would have to be dreaming. Just say it’ll be out before 2023. Post development news every season intermediately to keep interest. Every time deadlines get pushed back people start worrying and getting skeptical. Then it seems Devs get squeezed and pressured when the buzz gets loud. You’re not the rare studio that is immune to being tilted by their fans. In fact, based on the way your releases have gone in the past, you seem very sensitive to feedback. You should try to tailor the feedback you want to hear that can help earn you success and happy players while filtering out some of the backlash that ruins studio morale.

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