New Gameplay trailer dropping in 3 days


Honestly did not expect gameplay in 2020. I wonder what their definition of “gameplay” is though, that term has been stretched quite a bit in the industry. I’d already be very happy with a fast-paced highlights reel of weapons and locations.

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Yeah, it will be very interesting to see no doubt, wonder how “in depth” its going to be.

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Seem like we will see things if they do it like Vt2

Hopefully that is the case, not a fan of those “gameplay” trailers where everything is highly scripted.

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“Dedicated server functionality” :sob:

Man. That V2 gameplay video is so far removed from the real experience I’ve had in the game. You don’t spend a minute fighting a handful of enemies past the first hours on Recruit. I’m more used to massive hordes and constant elites/specials by now :smile:

crossing my fingers and toes for a mechanicus char/career and comissar if not i will still be happy :grimacing:

Yes please gib mechanicus waifu

I see, trying to steer me away from CP2077 :smiley:

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That’s because the gameplay in the trailer was the Pre-Alpha footage. Notice how the color of the health bar changes based on lost hp?

That was removed before the Closed Beta Test started.

Lots of things were added/removed before real people got to test the game.

I do kind of wish they kept the changing hp colors though…


ONly one more Day ^^

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I’m not talking about details like that, I’m talking about the shown combat being almost “slow”, focused on a just a handful of enemies because it’s likely on a lower difficulty.
Given how much more chaotic, hectic, dangerous and filled with enemies the game is on higher difficulties, the real experience is just very different to me.

For that reason, I’m not gonna take what they show in the trailer as “how the game will play” beyond the kind of weapons and enemies you get to see. I’m quite sure the Darktide game modes I’ll end up playing will also be chaotic, hectic, dangerous and filled with enemies.

Considering persom who played it used light attacks with spear on chaos warriors we can safely assume this was just to show how the game will look like from pure gameplay perspective
BUT I would welcome in darktide a look into legend difficulty with someone who knows how to play it
Fast paced chainsword slaughter against doznes of enemies would sell it instantly


Yes it was on Recruit but when the Closed Beta released, Recruit had non-stop hordes. Think of the Send in the Next Wave deed modifier but every 3 seconds.

The gameplay trailer was not comparable to what was actually in the Closed Beta Test.

Yes? You’re agreeing with me on the first trailer not being representative of the game
But your reply SEEMS like it’s disagreeing so I’m confused :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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He is saying that it is normal for it to be the case, that the footage we will see will most likely not be like what the game will be really like but it will point us toward what we can wait for

I’m confused too…

I guess I misunderstood you. My apologies.

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edit: who nerfed posting from mobile!?

Is Fatshark streaming DT trailer from Twitch or is it streaming from somewhere else?

I need to know so I can be ready!

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