Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - First Gameplay


It’s been quiet around these parts. It’s time to break that silence.

We’re immeasurably thrilled to show you the first gameplay trailer from the upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Darktide!

The trailer premiered moments ago at The Game Awards - and it probably creates more questions than it answers in regards to the details of the game!

We won’t be answering many questions today, but we will hopefully be able to answer those in the coming months through various developer blogs and updates we have in the works.

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Awesome, hype!

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Super excited, Vermintide II was a lifesaver for me on Playstation 4 Pro when I had a month off with a work injury. Is there going to be an eventual release for Playstation 5 even if it is a while away?

plz add a playable commissar :D!

also the lasgun has recoil lol!


Maybe i expected too much, but the trailer felt underwhelming.

The good:

  • Cosmic shots of the hive - really beautiful.
  • Maps look good.
  • Enemies look good, chaos guardsmen in particular.

The meh:

  • Not impressed by characters so far. It’s neither a thematic band of brothers (4 guardsmen), neither a colorful bunch of really unique heroes (a catachan, kriegsman, mechanicus, psyker, arbites, assassin temple, sororitas and so on). Only ogryn stands out. Compared to an incredible variety 40k can offer, the ones shown in trailer are boring. Though maybe career system will solve this just right.

  • Gun sounds, firing effects, and animations. Those didn’t felt right to me.
    -Sounds - hard to tell precisely due to loud music, but they felt plain, not impactful enough - especially autoguns and the grenade explosion.
    -Same with firing effects (flashes, lasgun trails) - they’re too ‘mute’. Even though in cinematic the lasgun effects look way way cooler, than in gameplay.
    -Animations (first person handling, sway, recoil) - not up to quality i expected from Fatshark, a lot of room to improve here.

Remains to be seen:

  • enemy roster, i hope its a lot more varied.
  • interesting gunplay mechanics, not just aim down sight and Lmb everything.

Beyond excited. Can’t wait for the days where I can play Vermintide and Darktide, side by side! :cowboy_hat_face: :nurgle: :skaven:


Hype levels are rising!

Currently missing feature from V2 I’d love to see in Darktide, a keybind to show/hide the player hud.

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So… In Vermintide Bardin Goreksson is the local mascot. In Darktide it will be Ogryn Ogrynsson?

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That song is lit af

straight :fire:

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Do You use a “Cell-shading” technology on characters?
Sometimes we can see “black bordering” on weapon,but not on characters