Crafting - Please give us real crafting

I saw the announcement and thought: YEAH! FINALLY! Good work.

But then it hit me, that we will not get a crafting system - we just get an upgrade system.
Furthermore, we do not even get less RNG, mayhaps even more because instead of RNG-box (chests, vaults, …) and crafting with schematics we now have the shop(s), missions and weapons which have/ add RNG.

  • Shop(s) 1: It depends what is there, so we are able to buy it (especially if we want specific “blessings”)
  • Shop(s) 2: RNG with increasing the rarity. If we do not get the blessing we want, it is a reroll or buy a new weapon (see Shop(s)1) and pray and try again
  • Missions: We need to find resources first to have them. Sometimes there are like only 2 pickups, so yeah RNG
  • Weapons: Even if we get one as an reward, it is RNG again, what the stats/ rarity/ blessings/ … are

Also regarding the “crafting” we can not even craft, we only can “upgrade weapons” and “strip weapons down for special parts”.
Again - this is no crafting system.
VT2 had one, here? I did not saw it in the announcement.

Even more, I thought, like you guys and gals said, that you learned something from VT1/2. So why do not we get crafting as in:

  • stonger/ lighter/ … barrels for special attributes/ stats
  • different stocks or similar for better aim, more mobility, accuracy, …
  • scopes
  • magazines
  • sharper/ broader/ … blades
  • longer/ shorter/ … bodies for staves and similar
  • ammunition (not crafting every shot, but as a modifier, like more armour piercing)

    THIS would be crafting.

Plus: Why don’t the chars share resources/ money like in VT2? Shouldn’t Darktide be one step forward and not two backwards? Let us at least share resources like the skins.

Please, if you really learned something, I hope you have already started on a “real crafting system” and the one announced is just a placeholder.
If this should not be the case, then -at least- that there are already “extensions” planned for the “announced crafting system”, otherwise I am really disappointed (and to be sure, I will not be the only one).

tl;dr: This crafting system sounds like from Vermintide 2 with extra steps.


Update to this Feedback with some up-to-date info/ pieces from other threads


Wrong game.

No, it is referring to something Fatshark said in the past.
That a system with the complexity of Fallout 4 will likely never come, true, but not wrong per se.

Also it is feedback and getting the “variants” in a meaningful fashion together would improve the game.
Not to mention that more options would be not bad either - especially because e.g. most weapons have no flashlight or that the “sharpshooter” has no real scopes to speak of or can not even ADS on some weapons.

Crafting would fix that, even just using “variants” at the Shrine of the Omnissiah.

honestly im inclined to just demanding FatShark actually deliver on what they were previously building for and had implied they were working on before it got canned or whatver happened to it during development cycle.

we as customers have at the very least some agency on the vision of the game. and we were given the expectation. explicitly by fatshark that such a system would be one of this games core features. and it isnt- i find that egregious and am well within my rights to tell them to deliver upon it. as is your right too

i wish we could upvote whole threads, Fatshark will hear our voice about this