Only being able to reroll ONE perk on an item is asinine. You need to change this NOW

Now now, this isn’t CoD and it wasn’t designed to be CoD.

Ew, no. The athanor was a great overhaul to the base vt2 system (which sadly was only implemented to a niche game mode within a dlc). Every friend I’ve tried to bring into the game hates the base system, and they only like playing chaos wastes. It turns a lot of people off when there are overly convoluted rng progression systems.

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eh chaos wastes i can give a pass because its only in that particular run each time. its an arcade mode to me. but it as a core gameplay? nah, thats not my jam. i wanna be invested in my weapons and how they feel, how they look. and whats on them

so… i agree with you? but for weird reasons and in a backwards kinda way

How is anyone arguing for grind longevity?

Do people want it to take 10 hours to hopefully get that 5% crit chance up from 4% for your otherwise perfect weapon? Should it take 100 hours? Or should it be so absurdly rare that you’ll end up playing another 400 hours dreaming of the chance for a measly 1% extra crit that wont ever come, because the devs have artificially expanded the equipment grind.

Why does it need to be any harder than VT2, no one ever complained that the gear system needed more grind.


Somehow this system is the Devs idea of reducing RNG and giving more player agency… When it has achieved the exact opposite.


Thanks, for that.

When I first read about it, I hoped for a system like in Fallout 4 (regardless what FS had told us exactly at this point), at least something like in

  • World War Z (where one “unlocks” variants with other attachments)
  • Far Cry (were one could add upgrades/ attachments to specific slots)
  • Resident Evil 4 (weapon stat upgrades and some attachments)
  • Deep Rock Galactic (stat upgrades and other modules/ attachments)

An example from Fallout, how I expected the direction we will see crafting:

Of course, referring to my list, I rather expected a “swap” or “variants” feature, but, Omnissiah be praised, it was quite the let down as I saw the “Shrine of the Omnissiah”.

Now thinking about it:
The variants we have are rather misleading and bloating up the store. Especially if we get more weapons down the line.
Disregarding the different optic for now, if one looks e.g. at the Ogryn “Ripper” one gets:

  • Faster/ slower burst
  • different shot patterns
  • “More accurate” shots, but no full auto when braced

So, wouldn’t it make sense, stay with me, if the Mk XX variants would be reworked and become an upgrade/sidegrade at the Shrine? So if one wants this pattern or that (of course with some stats/details to compare it) one could order the work done via Hadron.
Especially because the variants EXIST it would be no tech heresy, against the lore or additional workload or the like.

It would freeing up slots in the shop for more stuff to buy overall and making “adding weapons” in the future more easy/ streamlined without cluttering the inventory/ shop.

Now the fun part:
The different “skins” would be free to be added to any “variant”. So if one would want a “Dreg”-looking Ripper one could without sacrificing the gameplay.


I can not fathom that there are individuals in this thread arguing for the unsatisfying loot progression we currently have in Darktide. It boggles the mind. I am further irritated that the common argumentation I’ve seen in other places is being deployed here as well: if you get best weapon people will stop playing - it’s such a contrived and lazy argument for the uncreative.

I have over one thousand hours in Vermintide 2:

I have the reds - too many in fact:

Despite that I’ve gotten reds for each character I will continue playing because the game is an enjoyable experience for me. Reality of the situation is that loot and level progression has always been an annoying barrier to the 'tide gameplay. People always cite that as the biggest factor why they stop playing: it’s too slow to level up, I didn’t get the piece of loot I wanted, or that they don’t find their time invested being rewarded proportionally. I am confuddled that rather then streamlining that specific process and doing a better job of easing players into the game. Fatshark has doubled down on the negative parts of Vermintide. Which is a real shame as it showcases that they didn’t listen to the feedback that Vermintide 2 received over the years.

I must make it clear, for those who champion the looting aspect as being the biggest component of 'tide, these type of game are not like Diablo or Path of Exile or any loot oriented game. Once you get the best loot in 'tide, that is it. You’re free to focus on improving your skills so you can get good at playing the higher difficulties. The shorter it is to get there, the better, period.


In fact a lot of newer players complained V2 was way too grindy and quit the game.

And V2 was 20 times less grindy than DT.


It’s pretty much spot on what you said. They clearly don’t know that good loot and lots of it actually encourage more play time not the other way around. This has been proven is so many multiplayer games that are loot based.

Getting coins at the end of a T5 is just a joke. By the time they fix this, they will have lost a player base and all that will remain is some diehards. It’s a shame because if they had good loot system in place, the game would have been a big hit.


If this is the “crafting” they are implementing, I’m done.


That idea is garbage, Darktide isn’t a looter shooter, its about improving your skills and getting through more difficulties, its about pure joy of purging the herectis!

You should be able to have maxed out character with “red” curios and chosen weapons with perfect stats that suits your playstyle in like month or so if you playing daily with that one character (don’t even start with full separate progression system).



Yeah I’m done playing. Did my last mission. It’s stupid as is and not rewarding progression or time invested. Shame as invested lot of hours in Vermintide but this ones a turd with no actual listening from the developers


There is no need to be overdramatic, they don’t need to change it now

they just need to have it changed before that segment of crafting launches :stuck_out_tongue:

On the stat bars alone, yes. Though as far as I know 380 is the highest number people can reach currently. Anything past that has turned out to be a visual glitch.

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Would be nice to have at least 1 out of ~70 weapons with 380 rating by now after 270h of gameplay. But no player agency allowed.


According to the people that like terrible crafting systems, 270 hours isn’t enough for you to earn a god roll yet and you’re terrible for thinking you deserve one. If you get one, why continue every playing? Cause clearly everyone stopped playing VT2 once they got red gear since it made the game way too easy.

For real though I have 220 hours so far and have two 380 weapons. One is the Ogryn Shovel which I might use at some point, but the other is the Ogryn Kickback which is a single shot shotgun which is just TERRIBLE.


On its own I dont mind this limitation, at least I wouldn’t if getting new weapons was easy to do. For me most of the issues with their design stem from the Armoury shop and its terrible design. Currently I am very limited on getting a potential upgrade to my weapons. In order to get one I need to :

Have RNG generate a bolter for the shop (low chance)
Have RNG generate a high base rating (extremely low chance)
Have RNG generate stats in the right areas (low chance)
(if green+) have RNG generate 1 great perk (very low chance)
(if blue+) have RNG generate 1 great blessing (very low chance)

It feels like there is a one in ten thousand chance of this happening at the moment, and you only get a go once per hour.

If every time I went to the shop there were 2 or 3 bolters available to select from it wouldn’t be nearly as bad being able to replace just one of the perks (and Im sure Blessings will be the same), but at the moment half the time the shop doesn’t even have a single bolter

From what I understand what they were attempting to go for was that all the weapons we use in game are hand-me-down weapons of varying quality and age. There are several dialogues that indicate this in game. The problem is that it doesn’t feel like it ingame. When you buy a weapon from the shop it looks pretty much brand new. They all look identical and have no ‘character’ to their visuals. It looks like your buying a new weapon and so people take it as a new weapon.

If the weapons looked different, some being all chipped, some missing paint, some scratched up and some with personal marking on them it would have gone a long way to setting the right mentality

I think their design intent was that players should never have a ‘perfect’ weapon and that each weapon is old with alot of history and unique feeling to them. They failed miserably at this if so

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The Weapons being all Hand-me-downs from Grendyl’s Armory doesn’t really mean Hadron can’t help restore them and make them better fit their new User. So Perks, Blessings but also Base Rating should be malleable.


In D3 you can reroll any stats right. In V2 u cant “soon”


I will never understand people who insult the devs while making demands, then expect the devs to still do whatever they demanded.
Right up there with the people who act like disagreeing means they’re biased/shills/not intelligent.