Only being able to reroll ONE perk on an item is asinine. You need to change this NOW

They want to preserve a grind loop that keeps people engaged in minmaxing for a while, and i personally like that, grinding can be fun

And i do understand the idea of not just letting everyone get their BiS with just wikipedia and a couple mouse clicks, they want you to feel special with your 500+ perfect roll weapon you know not everyone has

But this is not how they should do it, what with time gates and generally poor class designs that do not encourage gear variety in the slightest

The intention is not necessarily malicious, although i do suspect some genius cranked the levers up to maximize player traffic, but specifically the resulting designs aren’t up to the idea

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How in the Emperor’s name is rerolling both perks “cheat codes”? Did you ever play older games with actual “cheat codes” built into the game? They made you invisible, invincible, kill everything in one hit, made explosions come out of your pisser. This is possibly one of the most ridiculous perspectives I have seen on the crafting system.

You are paying increasing costs of limited crafting mats to get a random chance to get the perk you want out of a limited pool of perks with a set lower and upper boundary. Is this the sad excuse for a “cheat code” you’ve been playing with until now?


Wait, re-rolling both perks is a cheat-code? You mean cheat as in “unlimited power”, “invulnerability”, “unlimited ammo”, “all weapons unlocked”, …?
A cheat code would be: bewareoblivionisathand

This code unlocks all cheats in Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (at least on N64), so if I can re-roll both perks it is also a cheat-code?

I get a call, wait a min.
“Mh… yeah… yes… I told him… What?.. Ok… yeah, yeah… Take care, bye.”
It was Vermintide 2, it said even while one could re-roll both perks it was no cheat-code, cheating or creating a portal through the warp so one gets the same powers as the Emperor at his zenith.

Sorry, I got carried away.
So far as the crafting is incomplete, I hold back with any further ado, but going BACK while coming FROM Vermintide 2 seems like not the best approach for Darktide.

Especially, as some have pointed out, if it increases the grind AND RNG.
Plus, we just want what they promised some time ago: Player agency. The ability to craft as we see fit.

Locking 50% of the weapon (or 66% regarding curios) is no player agency.


I want to see all those who think rerolling both perks or traits are “cheats” in V2 play Catacylsm. Hell, my invitation stays to them: we go to V2, you take your min-maxed character and we will see how good you are. If it’s cheat codes they should breeze through it without any issue at all just one-shotting everything. Jawning on their way.

I am open to see that in V2. It’s still installed on my disc :slight_smile: I want to see those cheats that makes game no longer challenging


I love this motte and bailey argumentation going on.

Wanting to have the desired blessing that enables a build? Sure there should be some way to get the wanted weapon/blessing, thankfully we will have a way to extract blessings and bless our gear (that should have been in at launch btw).

Current shop implementation with the hourly reset is total BS? Of course, it is! Scrap it, redesign it whatever.

How the f are we suddenly jumping into the “I must have the best weapon in-game otherwise game is bad” argument? Can’t you just be fine with a good weapon? +4% crit instead of 5%, 60% mobility instead of 80 in all primary stats? Heck, there might even be a tradeoff. Should I choose the gun with a lower ammo count or the one with lower mobility?

You will be fine. The game will be fine if your weapon isn’t perfect. You don’t have to have the best possible thing that clearly seems to be unobtainium by design.

I can understand the frustration of the unlucky who can’t for the life of it drop a proper shotgun or something and blame the horrible rng in the game, but that’s quite different from throwing a tantrum over not being able to get the theoretical best weapon.

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Daily reminder that this crafting system is the best they could do after scrapping the old system with choosable attachments because “it didn’t fit the theme guys!!!1!1!” (Fat shark is lazy and doesn’t wanna fulfill their promises after the game released and are hoping the playerbase doesn’t remember that they already did enough work for it to be possible)

Yes I’m bringing attention to my own thread, we should bring attention to the fact they sure did “think it fit the theme” back in late 2021, so much so they delayed the game only to remove an advertised feature


I do not care about being “fine”. I want to be allowed to work towards improving a Loadout that fits my Playstyle. Currently I am not, because it’s completely reliant on RNG. Nothing I can do by simply playing the Game influences it. This is the main Issue Players raise in this Thread and few others. Because Players should be allowed to improve and eventually perfect their Loadout and experiment with different Setups without the RNG Shop gating them. Adding another RNG System on top of that is just ridiculous.



Sure, buddy, it’s not about having the best weapon (“as good as it gets”), it’s about progression. Motte and bailey as I said.

Yes, eventually I want the Loadout to be “as good as it gets”. And I do not want to check the RNG Shop every 1h, I don’t want to check Sire Melk’s vintage cabinet of uselessness every 24h. I want to play the game and work towards this simple Goal. Eventually I will get there, be it in 20 hours of actual Gameplay or 120 hours. What matters is that currently nothing I do in the Game influences this in any palpable way.


Yeah, they should really add a “reroll with in-game currency” option to both shops and switch the base reset to daily instead of hourly. That would at least incentivize playing more instead of logging in every hour. I don’t even know who thought the simple hourly reset was a good idea.

No, they should not. They should rework the RNG Shop and introduce a System that allows the Player to buy whatever Gray Quality and heck, let’s say barebones 300 Base Stats item they want to. And then work it up through a thematically fitting Weapon Restoration System that allows the Player to improve the Base Power Rating of the Weapon, improve it’s Stat Distribution and then Consecrate it to raise it’s Quality, add Perks and Blessings and reroll them if the Player sees fit. The RNG part of the Shop will remain and maybe provide “shortcuts” here or there. Make the costs increase depending on Quality level, introduce caps to Base Power Rating depending on Quality, just make a functional System that allows the Player CHOOSE what they want to use and allows the Player to improve it by PLAYING THE GAME instead of waiting or rerolling the Shop as if this was some Mobile Game.
Because this is what RNG elements should be in a “gearing loop”. They should provide a shortcut should the Player get a lucky roll, they should not have the potential to completely prohibit the Player from ever obtaining the Loadout they desire.


What they need to do is give us manipulatable stats through attachments and compartmentalizations of weapon specs through components like they advertised. I’m going to always complain and rail them on this because I know FS is better than this. Vermintide 2’s launch state fulfilled every promise they had for the game and it’s features- and the fact they just didn’t want to put in the features they promised/implied and advertised for darktide when they delayed the game twice tells me something is very, VERY wrong over at FatShark HQ.

“It doesn’t fit the theme” is a cope for them not wanting to put any more real effort into the game, even though I know full well they have it semi finished- the weapon stats tell me as much that they built a system for attachments to fit in somewhere

Yes, weapon attachments do fit the theme, you even agreed with that sentiment a year ago, FatShark. Give me what you promised and what I thought we all payed you for


If what the player desires is: “the best possible thing that is clearly unobtainium by design” then sure, it’s not possible currently.

I know FS promised the WoM system, but guess what? They lied. We have this system now and based on FS’s previous development habits you might get something like that watered down around 2-3 years from now locked to a single game mode.

Ask for a modded realm where you can just get all maxed gear right out of the bat. That’s what top players did in VT2, you will have better luck with that.

I for one see the upsides of the current system and it could be pretty good with some slight changes like shop reroll and favored item tagging etc. I like your idea, it sounds awesome, but I prefer having this one properly implemented instead of cannibalizing it to make something that feels bad (like VT2 crafting) just to make players (who can’t stand not having top gear) stop complaining about a few stat points and 1% less crit.

Making Gear Acquisition follow Gacha rules is the absolute worst way to handle it in a game like this. Not even Destiny 2 does this, it’s simply ridiculous.
It’s not about “the best possible thing” being “unobtanium by design”. It’s about the simple fact that if a Player is terribly unlucky they can potentially NEVER see a Weapon of the Type they want with usable stats. I am going through exactly that regarding a Plasma Gun for my Sharpshooter. It’s been over 3 days with 0 chances at even a mediocre one and my Standards aren’t that high. There’s just NONE in the shop for the 3rd day in a row, not even a really bad one, and no, rerolls aren’t the answer to this. The answer is to let the Player pick a Weapon they want and improve it if that’s what they desire. Or pick one of the RNG Shop wares for a quick workable solution.


Funny thing both of you forget- is if FatShark had finished their weapon attachment features then we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place. We’d all be too busy kiting ourselves out with the finest parts we could find/buy. It would have been so cool to get different models for weapon sights that had certain traits that were given off by their design (something something scopes have higher zoom, irons have better ADS ready-time and target acquisition or something)

Almost every player would be in hog heaven having fun experimenting or showing off their design choices

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Now now, this isn’t CoD and it wasn’t designed to be CoD.

Ew, no. The athanor was a great overhaul to the base vt2 system (which sadly was only implemented to a niche game mode within a dlc). Every friend I’ve tried to bring into the game hates the base system, and they only like playing chaos wastes. It turns a lot of people off when there are overly convoluted rng progression systems.

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eh chaos wastes i can give a pass because its only in that particular run each time. its an arcade mode to me. but it as a core gameplay? nah, thats not my jam. i wanna be invested in my weapons and how they feel, how they look. and whats on them

so… i agree with you? but for weird reasons and in a backwards kinda way

How is anyone arguing for grind longevity?

Do people want it to take 10 hours to hopefully get that 5% crit chance up from 4% for your otherwise perfect weapon? Should it take 100 hours? Or should it be so absurdly rare that you’ll end up playing another 400 hours dreaming of the chance for a measly 1% extra crit that wont ever come, because the devs have artificially expanded the equipment grind.

Why does it need to be any harder than VT2, no one ever complained that the gear system needed more grind.


Somehow this system is the Devs idea of reducing RNG and giving more player agency… When it has achieved the exact opposite.