Please Finish work on the crafting system

A lot of people are complaining that more attention was spent on the cash shop items rather than the crafting system.
The Controversy comes from the full implementation of the cash shop before the crafting system was finished, I feel that the crafting system in vermintide 2 was a flawless way of handling crafting, you could craft whatever you want whenever you want provided you have the materials, as well as re-roll all of the stats and perks on the gear however many times you want. I feel that Mimicking Vermintide 2’s Crafting system would not be such a bad idea, as the deep dark abyss of the RNG on the gear in the game currently seems to be what is turning a lot of players away from the game right now, Myself included.
Darktide’s and Vermintide’s gameplay is very addicting, but after having spent almost 300 hours in the game currently, I still don’t have a means of acquiring the gear that i want due to the colossal scale of the RNG, for me and I’m sure for a lot of other people it has become frustrating to get my hands on that one piece of gear that i really want, which in turn, makes me want to quit the game and wait until the crafting system has been fully developed, otherwise at this point in the game, i really feel like I’m mostly wasting my time fighting against the RNG.


I expect the ENTIRE remaining portions of the crafting system to be released with the first update this year.

If its not I am done. It should have been there at release. It wasn’t. They promised it in December, it never came and they never apologized.

This is their last chance with me. All of my gaming group, every single one of them has abandoned this game, Im the only one left playing, and I only log in a few times a week now becuase I have nothing to do, nothing to work towards

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