Cosmetics continue to be vastly overpriced

Even just planning for their inclusion does warp game design, which affects you even if you never buy a cosmetic. Nothing is in a vacuum.


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Good or poor skins, that’s subjective. People who are not happy with the current model in here are going to complain but I know some people who bought skins, they seem pretty happy with it.

I have seen some nice skins in the game, some are meh. But that is design/art in general. It’s not going to satisfy everyone because ppl have different taste.

Personally, I don’t like char and cosmetic design in this game in general. I only play because of the combat. If they let us customize char like in korean mmo-rpg, I’ll spend good money on skins for sure.

Allow me to tell you that, in my opinion, you missed the point.

The point is not the question of taste: de gustibus etc. and we all agree on this. The point is not the style, but the execution: in many cases the skins are objectively poorly made.

In other words, there are many skins that with a little more attention and effort, while maintaining the same style and aesthetics, would have turned out much better: Krieg’s uniform is the classic example of this. If you want another example of the problems I’m referring to, here ya go: take a look at the Zealot’s bionic eye implant. Unfortunately, I don’t remember its name, but it’s the one that covers the right eye. On female characters the eye appears separated from the face by at least five centimeters of space. You may or may not like the style, but the execution betrays a laziness and carelessness that appears to be an insult to buyers.


Yeah that’s the thing the community isn’t entirely sure if fatshark keep the cosmetics creators in a sims style artist basement dungeon.

Or if fatshark are just outsourcing it


Someone needs to fix their eyesight becasue he not only missed the point but also missed clipping, reused/recolored textures, reused parts, low resolution textures, missalligned parts of skins and lack of physics etc.

Subjective is design, quality of skins is not - they are poorly made.

First of all: you are missing the point AGAIN. Find yourself an echo chamber if you don’t read what other people write. I will help you:

  1. Nobody is saying anything negative about cosmetics being chosen monetization method. It’s fine. If this means further game developement - cool.
  2. However, if you dictate price - we as customers will weight the product/model you are presenting
  3. Which leads us to problem number one: FOMO. Why rotation? Why not just catalogue like in any normal non-predatory/non-mobile game? To exploit us.
  4. Why premium currency and why there is not 100 aquilas pack so we don’t have left overs from purchasing skins or we have to buy more expensive aquila packs becasue there are no packs for exact amounts? Because this is scam tactic to scam you out of little bit more money. Why not just direct credit card purchase for $? Becasue then they won’t scam you.
  5. And finally - the quality of skins for their price is poor. They are low effort, lazy made.

So again in case you will miss the point again: it’s not about monetizing via cosmetics but offering low quality overpriced products and using scam and manipulating methods (FOMO) to scam and exploit people without self control or that are unsure of purchase but don’t want to miss (shop rotation).

Fatshark could be way better than that but at this point they go full corpo - low effort, maximum profits from most naive and vulnerable ones, scam if they can get away with it.


It was a weird trajectory, usually it takes a little time for a great game to be corrupted by the corpo nonsense.

But FS figured it’s Warhammer, we can skip the first part and move right to the predatory exploitation mechanics. I suppose the Warhammer brand and Tencent already had a lot of experience in this regard…


In this thread Aqshy states that a lot of Fatshark’s developers from the days of Lead and Gold (an obscure 2010 video game made by Fatshark), or at least a lot of those who were given developer status on that game, have left the company. We are now talking about 13 years ago, but I would like to point out that Vermintide is from 2015.
It’s only circumstantial evidence, but it seems to suggest that from the time of the first Vermintide to today the personnel that made up the company have changed radically.


not a single one of the skins represences an actual rogue trader, skins show different parts of the crew

They are very well known for paying far below industry standards, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re a revolving door, with people leaving the second they get a better opportunity.


Not that paying out more would net the employees much more.
They’re in Europe, Sweden. Most North and Central European countries have Nurglepoo status when it comes to taxation burden.

I speak from experience.


A worthwhile cost for not having to deal with the American IRS.


That’s a very odd argument to make. Higher pay means you make more, regardless of taxation. I should know, I’m Scandinavian. Not that it would matter where I’m from, that’s how it works everywhere.

Are there are a lot of taxes? Yeah. Does that mean earning more doesn’t matter? Of course not. Not to mention the taxes do in fact support some of the world’s best social benefits.

Not to mention that glassdoor reviews speak of good people leaving because not only does Fatshark pay really badly, they also offer no promotion/career advancement.

This is not the sign a company that values it’s employees.


And, y’know… actually having infrastructure and insurance (generally) just included instead of constantly having to pay private companies to screw you over for garbage care.

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I’m proud to be Australian (our income tax is only slightly higher than America’s, but we get significantly more benefits because we spend it efficiently)

That’s they key. No one spends more money per inhabitant on medical care than the US, and yet it is absurdly expensive for every citizen. Why?

Because it’s all done through insurance companies. It’s the most costly, least inefficient system in the world. But it makes certain companies and individuals filthy rich, which is their goal.


hi, american here. i hope your games are as easy to find as mine are.

the matter of taxation is because over here, there’s a commonly spread bit of misinformation about how taxes work because the confuse income taxation and investment taxation.
this happens because our very rich really only make their money on investment and know that to get their taxes lower they need to scare people to make their money working into it, so you get a lot of people thinking that they pay will get taxed the same way we tax excessive investment income (which is economically unhealthy for everyone else).

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everyone else IN AMERICA, you cheese dip.

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