Help to earn kill a dev in Lead and Gold


Could somebody help me and my friend to earn “kill a dev” achievement in Lead on Gold, please?

This might be tricky as a lot of the devs who were assigned that status in game have left the company. Let me do some digging and see if we can get some of us set up to hop in game as “devs.” May take a handful of days but will post here with results!


Thanks a lot for your answer, we’ll be waiting!

Are there any news?

Not yet, still trying to figure out how to get accounts set up as this game is quite old, so only a couple of people have permissions to get devs marked as devs; hoping to have a more clear answer by the end of the month, sorry this is taking so long.

Hello, it’s the end of the month. Did you manage to find out anything?

Hi, still chasing up; we’ve been pretty slammed this quarter on 'Tide, but I have a dev looking into it now!

I have found a dev! If you can DM me a time (CET) M-F, 0900-1700 for next week, we can help you get that achievement.

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That’s great news!

Next Friday 17:00 CET will be okay for you?

Hello? :sweat_smile:

I was on vacation Wednesday until now, but did DM you the name of the dev you can contact who has dev rights in L&G.

We still haven’t agreed to meet.
I tried to contact with to devs, they’ve responded me, but then the conversation ended.
@Aqshy Could you help again?

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Hey sorry for the delay. I’ll see what I can do to get my account labeled as a developer, hang tight, should have more info after the Versus alpha.

@Aqshy hello again!
Any news?

I would also like to put my hand up to kill aqshy if possible thanks

Hey, we’re still all hands on deck with preparation for the alpha, so once that’s done, we can clear some time.

Does this comprise both teams or just the VT2 team ? As in did some of the devs move to the other game again ?

Just the V2 team. The person who has L&G access is a V2 dev. :slight_smile:

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Meanwhile 4 months have passed since the first message…