Kill A Developer Achievement in Lead and Gold

Hello! I am trying to get the “Kill a Developer” achievement for a group of people I hunt achievements with, and I know that several meet ups have happened in the past, but I was wondering if it would be possible to set up a time to meet up and have everyone in my group be able to get that achievement? That would be super helpful! Thank you!

What time zone are people in? Let’s figure something out. I just hope it works this time. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for responding! We can arrange people for whatever timezone works best for you as we have people from many different timezones around the world. I am in MST, but if you set a date and time, I can send it to my group to see if they prefer another time on that day or have them plan around being there at the time! My group is pretty flexible with times

Any day and any time beteeen 10am and 6pm CEST would work. Wednesday is typically best for me (so in 2 days time).

okay cool! I see you in the discord server. Is it okay to send you a friend request so we can DM times and coordinate a lot easier?

No problem

Okay thank you! Sent a friend request in discord!