Kill a dev achievement (LAG)


Why on earth is there an achievement about killing a dev (in-game ofc) ?

I mean it’s cool but the devs aren’t interested on helping us players of Lead And Gold Gangs Of The Wild West. despite our love and devotion for the game :frowning: .

I know I can use SAM but it doesn’t feel right I want to capture it on video for my history.

I do often jump in to games of L&G on request when players are achievement hunting. Problem is, last time I tried (2 or 3 months ago) it didn’t work, whilst it was working in previous play sessions where folks queued up to frag me.

Happy to try again though!

If it would be possible to set up another dev meet up, I know several people in my group are interested in the game but won’t start until they get the “kill a dev” achievement. If that is possible, please let me know how we can get in contact to be able to do this!