Sneaking past Deamonhost Achievement

There’s an achievement for killing a Daemonhost why isn’t there one for avoiding one?

Because for whatever reason, Fatshark insists on making it a prestige to screw your team over in a myriad of ways. This is just one of them.

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TBH the achievements look like something that a dedicated group gets together to get for each other, but since QP isn’t that it just screws over teams of randoms.

Like all of them seem like they’re designed for the group to go “Let’s get you that one, so you can have that cosmetic. That’s the goal for this run, so we’re going to not play normal.” But there’s no queue for that, so it’s just randoms having to hope that other randoms will put up with their bull**** while they try to grab this one achievement.

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Thing is if you know how to kill them they are easy to deal with but if you just stumbled into them they are a pain.

Easy cheese is ogyrn shield with back in the corner.

Hard is hold block and every time he swings at you dodge the other way and they always swing left to right so it’s not to bad.