FatShark greed

The premium shop scumminess is insane. I am upset at the blatant greed with the brand new higher priced “premium cosmetics that took longer to develop”. The only thing premium is that people have been asking and looking forward to kreiger character skins since game launch. When they announced the more expensive pack I expected a character skin with more gun skins and charms as well as a backpack. But no, just the skin, with a cooler version of the helmet on the side shop encouraging double dipping. They purposely made the helmet in the pack less cool so they could get you to buy both. This is so disrespectful. Once again they show what they care about. Steel legion skin had the same amount of work put into it but also came with two weapon skins and a charm. :fu:you FatShark.


They’re even advertising it on the launcher AND when you get to the character select screen, it’s so egregious. I don’t know if a game dev has ever burned my goodwill as hard and fast as FS has.

It even looks like a wish dot com version of a Krieger lmfao these people must think we’re all f*cking morons.


Bro they are a company, they make money. They make money by selling things people want at a price they are willing to pay. If you didn’t expect this with the most asked for skin you’re silly. My issue with the skin is not that it costs money or doesn’t come with cool bonuses. My issue is that the skin is objectively bad. I would have bought all four but they actually phoned it in on several core details that ruin the skins outright. They do not have proper gasmask skins or hoses and for some reason the coats do not drape properly. Before anyone says the clipping was a problem they somehow managed to not worry about that for the gas mask filter on the chest, which clips horrendously on vet.

I’m generally not that concerned with clipping, actually, its a problem for the legs for sure but a little clipping happens. My big annoyance is that the gas mask is basically the same pattern as the one worn by the Armageddon pattern set. The helmet doesn’t seem to sit low enough to partially obsure the eyes, the mouth piece attachment for the hose is wrong, the hose doesn’t even attach to the filter, there is no hose for 3 of the skins etc. Lots of details that spoil the vibe in my view.


There is definitely issues with those sets and you mentioned the important ones.
The trenchcoat being stiffer than a dead pox hound is ridiculous.
It’s extra ridiculous because they have working trenchcoat physics, as seen with the other coats from Psyker and Veteran.

Seems they just didn’t link or rig the animations properly or something.


Going off of the number of players I’ve encountered ingame wearing this skin, I’d say that Fatshark is right to think that.


Even though im mad about the snorkel hoses i am still going to buy the zealot one. It looks objectively great. Simple as. I’m not going to insult people for buying something they like, i just want the quality to match the price tag better. I’m quite happy to fork out to play my prefered aesthetic.


Gotta agree with this post.

Either there needs to be a way to earn Aquilas without paying, or the prices need to be a third AT LEAST of what they currently are, probably more like a quarter or a fifth. The asking price for these is insane relative to the actual game.


They don’t deserve a dime. Shameless behavior. At least take the time to let the art team to QA test it, and price it in line with the rest of your stuff. Like basic, bare minimum sh^t. Parts of the damn things were copypasted off of other cosmetics, Jesus-On-A-Monocycle-Christ! There’s plenty they can do to milk the whales while still providing value. This was just effing lazy. I was one of the folks honestly looking forward to getting these. But they ain’t getting a buck from me for these or any future premium cosmetics or DLC.

Seriously, if the company even has a PR team the poor sods must constantly be under suicide watch with how eager management is to constantly shoot the company with buckshot on the foot. And no one will give a sh^t, folks will drop money on these anyways. Then, like clockwork, FS will hit us with even more egregious money grabs down the line.

Can’t wait until battlepasses are introduced, a subscription service, or we go full free-to-play with gacha style time monetization mechanics. “You’ve exceeded your free daily Auric mission passes, please pay 1k premium currency to buy an extra pass”.


I get what you’re saying but they advertised it as premium/deluxe and marked up the price and delivered less. And you can’t tell me the other cooler helmets not being used in the pack wasn’t intentionally done. I understand a business needs money but this was just sad. The steel legion skin came with multiple weapons, a charm, and looks just as good. They only did this to take advantage of their community that’s been begging for the skin. If they wanted to charge more they should have put in extra effort. the “they are running a business” excuse covers up for a lot of scummy behavior. How about they make the “deluxe” price tag actually come with a decent amount of rewards instead of being disrespectful to loyal fans.


I love the DKoK as much as any Warhammer 40k fan, but the price is too high for what we get. Not only do we get just the 3 cosmetics, but it’s not even complete. If the price won’t come down, then we at least should get the Krieg backpack and a skin for one of each class’s unique weapons (something Krieg appropriate like the hellbore for vet and stubber for orgyn).


This. I flat out don’t buy this half assed “we actually Worked Very Hard on these skins guys!” explanation for why they raised the prices and continually cut down on how much stuff comes with a cosmetic pack, especially not when they have all the same reuse of assets, poor fitting, and clipping that all the other “premium” cosmetics have. They knew this would be a hot ticket item and they aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re acting like the PoS selling bottled water for $10 during a heat wave. They just got a huge cash injection from the Xbox release and “finally out of beta” image they’ve managed to cultivate since the class rework, FS isn’t gonna have to close up shop if people aren’t spending 1/3 of the price of the game on shoddy cosmetics. It’s just greed, and it makes both the product and the user experience worse overall for everybody but the most credulous whales.

That people who aren’t making money from predatory business tactics like this can defend or excuse them is deeply weird to me. Pure peon brain.


That’s right! It’s not premium if it’s lore inaccurate! Premium letdown. That’s what it is.

Also, If I can get average paperback book from Black Library for that “premium set” price try and guess which will I choose.


You won’t feel this way as an Xbox player

Just when you think they do something good they pull the rug out from under you. The patch overall was a fine addition but then they do this money grubbing cosmetic drop. Then they give a free $70 worth of aquila’s to console players while the loyal players who stuck around since launch get jack sh!t.

And then they insult our intelligence by lying to us. Saying they worked extra hard on these so they’re more expensive. Who do they think they are. Fat shark really thinks we are idiots.


Catfish responded in another thread about this so I guess it’s countdown time until Fatshark reveals that they “forgot” PC players were also supposed to get bonus Aquilas this whole time…




the lack of hose is probably to do with how they set up the cosmetics as modular parts. Cant have a hose that connects to nothing if you don’t have the krieg body piece on.

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Didn’t take these cosmetics extra development time? Could have been used to solve exactly this issue :wink: