The premium store pricing is an abomination

So I understand Fatshark is a business and needs to make money long-term, so I’m not completely against the store. That being said, the way you did your pricing and the FOMO tactics are the scummiest and most predatory thing i’ve seen in a while.

You could have not priced things like this. You could have priced the premium currency to give you EXACTLY the right amount for a skin… but no. You had to go and price it in such a way as you JUST don’t have enough and need to buy the next tier, milking you players for all their worth, instead of just having a decent pricing system.

And then, your in-game cosmetics are lazy recolours that are outlandishly expensive, but the premium store is high quality, new and awesome skins.

AND THEN your crafting system is still not complete on full release? Full game but not full crafting system.

AND THEEEEEEN your skins cost almost as much as your actual game?? In what universe did this make sense to you?!

Go feth yourself, Fatshark.

Edit: so you changed the pricing and now it’s even worse… I don’t have words anymore


It’s all the worst things you’d expect out of a modern gaming industry cash-shop.
Monopoly money, timed skins to induce FOMO, mismatching costs to create a need to buy more to “make it zero/even”.
If you need to have a damn cash shop, why didn’t you use the one you already had set up in Vermintide 2? That one is better by leaps and bounds.


Welcome to being owned by Tencent.

I’m not normally one to bring countries or their practices into this… but China can get bent.


Well, this is certainly shameful behavior on Fatsharks’ part, no two ways about it. “Players first” my behind.


Almost as much? The 4 class sets on the front page of the store alone already exceed the price of the base game… and there are 2 more hats for each class… But the sad thing is that people actually buy these skins and support this filth.


I just looked at what it would cost me to get a single headgear cosmetic for one character…4,99€.
Are you insane?
That’s almost what an entire premium class cost in VT2, FOR A SINGLE HEADGEAR!
There is nothing “micro” about these transactions, 1/5 of that would be CLOSE to acceptable, 5€ for an entire outfit!!
Even that would fall short of an entirely new class.


Yeah, entire indie games can be bought at the same price as the skins in Darktide, so literally no point buying skins with the prices how they are.

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I wonder if Fatshark management is sweating a little bit after the FTC brought the hammer down on Epic? :sweat_smile:

I don’t think you folks appreciate just how deep the hole goes for predatory stores. Valorant charges like $80-100 for the color blue. COD chains purchases such that getting the halo item in a promotion can add up to several hundred dollars. I’m not going to go to bat for Fatshark or Tencent pricing in this game, but single cosmetics being a couple dollars and a full set being like $15 is basically in the bottom tier of MTX skin pricing these days.

It’s the exact same model as Fortnite, which is unsurprising considering Tencent acquired majority control of Fatshark in 2021.

They’re literally implying that they think 8 helmets have the same value as the entire rest of the game and all work that went into it.
The notion is clearly completely absurd, so what is the idea behind that pricing???


But Fortnite if f2p…

Your buying cosmetics in a video game.
Don’t think about it just buy it if you like the game and want to support the devs.
You can’t get your moneys worth

The cash shop is basically a support the dev button and means they will probably keep supporting the game with updates for years because they got cash flow.

I don’t get why everyone is so against the shop.

Plus the only things I will buy are dlc extra classes and weapons if they decide to do it that way since I just want the content.

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I would love to buy cosmetics if they weren’t so insultingly expensive.
Seriously, I’d be ashamed to spend that much on a single hat.
I’ve bought pretty much every cosmetic DLC that Deep Rock Galactic brought out, because they’re always an entire pack of outfits and weapon skins for all classes at a price of 8€, and to support the devs for the work they do to make the best damn game they can, I gladly pay it.

This is a whole different league, DRG already had all of this in the base price before DLCs even started coming out, and it was cheaper to begin with…

EDIT: You can certainly get your moneys worth if it’s put to good use and recompensated with effort and content. I REALLY want this to be the case with darktide, but this has been a severely rocky start, and the way it looks right now, it’s going down a much darker path.
I really hope for a brighter future.


This is how I look at it. It’s like Patreon or something. The money doesn’t just disappear into someone’s pockets and we never see any benefits. It goes towards paying people to create new content or enhance existing stuff.

And while I’m not happy with how some of the paid cosmetics are 100% broken, it’s still a good way to support the team and their game (even if there’s a lot of things that still need to improve). A one-time $40 payment won’t support this game over the next five years. DLC and cosmetic money will.

“Don’t think, just buy.”

They Live, but real life.


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Exchange useful resources that keep you alive.

Use on shiny pixels that support the devs.

I don’t see what part of that’s good value besides saying thanks.

I haven’t really been paying much attention to the cash store. What’s worse after the change?

And that’s why you need a skin store, for which obviously several rotations of skins are already pre-made even on day 1, as pretty much the only unlocked feature compared to the beta, in a half-baked game that still lacks basic features at release and offers comparatively little and by far worse quality unlockable content? Because 40€ is not enough to provide at least a finished base game?
Even a recoloring of the standard weapons has been directly added to the store, because why not, the players already have the choice between blue and red… cmon.

I understand that Game As Service also needs a cash flow for further developments… but please finish the game first before starting the milking machine. At some point, one should ask themselves what kind of practices they actually support and where limits probably should have been set. :man_shrugging:t3: