Premium currency store issues

I understand Fatshark needs to make money. However I feel like the pricing and timing structure is abysmal. I like 40k, I like this game, I want to support Fatshark. I do not want to spend $40 -$30 to buy a $24 skin bundle pack. Fatshark if you do these things I’ll be more then welcome to spend money.

  1. Make a $25 currency bundle. Or lower the bundle price to match the $20 currency price.

  2. Get rid of the timer and have a catalogue of items that we can buy from at any point. FOMO is predatory and makes you look greedy.

This game was almost perfect till the currency store dropped with this malarkey.


I agree completely

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I am well aware of my unpopular opinion given that this is a forum, by nature a place to go and voice issues, but I do not have a problem with the cash shop being on a timer.

I can maybe see the bundle argument (1)
Personally don’t have any issues with the timer at all (2)

You may not have a problem with the timer, but it is a problematic practice. Timers in shops are there to create a sense of FOMO, attempting to drive customers to impulse buy something they like instead of shopping the catalog out of the fear that they may not be able to get it again or, if they can, it may be a long time. It’s also predatory since the rolling shop doesn’t show people everything that will be available, so it’s designed to get your money and then tempt you with new things every cycle of the shop.

It’s a known predatory monetization practice and not the only one they’re using. Secondary currencies are implemented to make the customer have a harder time gauging the actual price of things they are buying and to lure them into spending more. The bundle prices and quantities are also setup in a way to make it difficult to buy a quantity that will divide evenly into the prices in the shop, that way you need to buy a bigger pack and then be left with additional currency, this is by design as well since it is to tempt you to spend more so you don’t “waste” any of the currency you have left over.

FS had cosmetics you could buy in VT2 that were plainly priced and weren’t setup using mobile game monetization schemes designed to prey upon customers - the cash shop setup in Darktide is insulting their fans.


This exactly. Not only that, but VT2 had a lot of lessons learned in terms of QoL, that FS has decided to completely ignore, and start again from scratch with artificial content extension via timers and RNG. This is all disappointing

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Remove monopoly money altogether and just show how much the skins cost in Euro/Dollar instead.