Cosmetics are the worst I've seen in a long time

startcarft doest have a incentive to be stingy, you failed to respond to the current system encorages piggybacking and ruinning other people fun.

and you say that but we have an entire sperate olympics man.sorry.

honestly im so sour I dont wanna touch it. im petty i guess.

They do seem a bit pricey, especially since it’s all recolors (and yes, camo/checkered is a recolor). That said they aren’t THAT egregious, nor is it “It’s perfectly fine git gud scrub run 5’s and get 10k”…

Ideally it’s somewhere in between.

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I think they should probably make the prices for skins waaaay cheaper, like at least 50% cheaper, the way they are now is crazy expensive for what are simply recolours of the penance armour skins.

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i do think the price for a skin that is almost the same as the rest is a bit silly the price should be down a bit

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ITT: People not realizing skin prices are intentionally high as an extra gold sink.

Even beyond that, it’s okay if they’re not something where you have all of them within a day. A 50% price decrease would be silly for most of them.

They should definitely cap the max price for a lot of them lower though, that I’ll agree with. 50k for some of them is asinine.

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The alternative is, I’m not spending more than an hour ever for slightly off grey/blue pants, let alone 5. It’s insulting. This is a full priced game, they need to make these things actually earnable, not spend literally a week playing to unlock 2 maybe 3 cosmetics.

Remember, not everyone spends 12 hours a day gaming like you or some people. We have jobs. I maybe get 2 hours of free time a day, maybe. This stuff needs to be attainable to people who work for a living.

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Yeah i dont know where youre getting those gameplay hours, i can reach around 40k in 2 or so games easily
PS: its clothing with no stat boosts or benefits


Call out what? FS should do whatever is profitable with cosmetics. The moment they charge too much, less people will buy and their profit will go down. At which point they’ll either adjust it and/or increase the variety/quality of cosmetics available to compensate.

If you don’t like it, just vote with your wallet. It’s really silly to bring morality into the conversation

I’m not a massive fan of the grind in the tide games myself, but I do think you’re being a bit dramatic with this.

Why are you approaching it like it’s a full-time job? I first of all think your numbers are quite a bit off (in terms of how much you earn from maps) here by like a factor of 10, though I’ll have to double check next time I play, but secondly It’s a video game that you are hopefully playing for fun. A comparison to a job is a bit strange to me especially since it’s purely cosmetic items in an FPS game where you only get to look at your character model in non-gameplay segments (for the most part, barring things like you being downed/rescued/when you revive someone).

I get it, for some people those cosmetics are a big deal and possibly a large part of the reason of them buying the game. I don’t personally really understand it but hey, those same people probably wonder why I would put myself through the insanity that is true solo runs in modded difficulties in VT2 where I have a near-0 success rate, so I’m not really judging here. But still, how much do these cosmetics really affect the fun you’re having with the minute-to-minute gameplay itself at the end of the day? And yeah, we all have limited time to play and grind out the currencies, but is it really so detrimental to the enjoyment of your game to have 1 set of pants vs another set of pants you’d like for X amount of games, assuming X isn’t too unreasonable a number?

Now I do agree that recycled color switches and things similar to that shouldn’t really be in there as separate items, or should at the very least come heavily discounted if you already own one variety since it just feels like lazy stat-padding that they can advertise like “we have 300 pants!!!” when in reality it’s 3 pants with 100 color variations.

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Closed, because this isn’t heading anywhere constructive.